Nursing and midwifery practices across NSLHD are responsive to contemporary trends and challenges in healthcare.

Our facilities and services are fortunate to have skilled and supportive staff providing a dynamic learning environment. This allows newly registered nurses and midwives, become safe and competent practitioners.

Your TPP experience will be facilitated through interaction with key support people throughout the year.

You will have access to nurse educators, clinical nurse educators, preceptors, clinical nurse specialists, clinical nurse consultants, nursing unit managers and members of the multi-disciplinary team.


How do I apply?

Applications open:  8am, Monday July 3 2017

Applications close:  12noon, Friday July 21 2017

Applications can be submitted through the NSW Health website.


What do I need to know? 

All the information you need to complete your application, including key dates and eligibility criteria, is available in the 2018 Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Transition to Professional Practice Handbook.  You should read this handbook thoroughly before submitting your application.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our Educational Consultants.


When will interviews be held?

Interviews at NSLHD will commence on Monday, August 21 2018.


What programs and intakes are available at NSLHD?

There are a number preferences listed for NSLHD, so you should consider these carefully to ensure that you make an informed choice. 

TRNs will rotate to two allocated areas (except those in the ICU and Perioperative streams at RNSH).

In 2018 NSLHD will offer early (February, March, or April) and late (August) intakes across many of our facilities and services.  Please see details below.


​Facility/Service ​ ​Early intake ​Late intake
Midwifery ​ ​
​Hornsby Hospital
​Royal North Shore Hospital
Nursing ​ ​
​Hornsby Hospital
​Manly Hospital
​Mona Vale Hospital
​Royal North Shore Hospital
General stream
​ICU stream**
​Perioperative stream**
​Ryde Hospital ​ ​
​Ryde/Cooma Hospital General Exchange ​ ​

​Northern Sydney Mental Health

(Macquarie, Hornsby, Manly & Royal North Shore Hospitals)

​Community Health/General Exchange

(Hornsby, Mona Vale & Ryde Hospitals)

 **To be considered for the Perioperative and ICU streams at RNSH, please list RNSH as your first preference in your application.


Facility information  

Please follow the links below for information specific to our different facilities and services.


Hornsby Hospital

TPP for Registered Nurses at HKH

TPP for Registered Midwives at HKH


NSLHD Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services 

TPP for Registered Nurses with NSLHD MHDA.

Exploring a career in Mental Health nursing.

General information regarding NSLHD Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services.


NSLHD Community Nursing 

TPP for Registered Nurses with NSLHD Primary and Community Health.

General information regarding NSLHD Primary and Community Health.


Northern Beaches (Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals) 

TPP for Registered Nurses at Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals.


Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) 

TPP for Registered Nurses at RNSH.

TPP for Registered Midwives at RNSH.

ICU specialty stream at RNSH.

Perioperative specialty stream at RNSH.


Ryde Hospital 

TPP for Registered Nurses at Ryde Hospital.

What if I would like more information?

For further information on the TPP program at NSLHD please contact one of our Educational Consultants on the contact numbers below.



​(02) 9477 9101

(02) 8438 9059

​​Manly & Mona Vale​(02) 9976 9640
​Royal North Shore Hospital​(02) 9926 4670
​Ryde Hospital​(02) 9858 7858
​​Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol​(02) 9887 5027
​Community Nursing​(02) 9887 5623


For more information on the TPP interviews and recruitment process at NSLHD, please contact the NSLHD Nursing and Midwifery Directorate on (02) 9462 9486 or email


Start your career on a positive note!