Managing Medicines Safely

Managing Medicines Safely

Managing your medicines safely is very important as it allows you to get the most from your medicines while reducing the chances of harm due to side effects or interactions.​

Knowing the active ingredient and keeping an up-to-date list of your medicines are two ways you can help yourself manage your medicines safely.

Visiting the same GP and community pharmacist can also help to reduce medication mix-ups.

Taking an active interest in your care (or having the support of a family member, who can do this for you) has also been shown to help reduce the chance of medication mix-ups.


​Other medication safety programs/activities:

Please contact the Medication Safety Improvement Facilitator if you have further questions about these programs or any other matters relating to medication safety:

All NSLHD medication procedures are required to comply with Policy Directive PD2013_043 Medication Handling in NSW Public Health Facilities.

All NSLHD Hospitals undergo accreditation under ACHS EQuIP National Medication Safety National Standard 4.