​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fees and Payments


Please note a correctly completed method of payment form must accompany every new submission and amendment presented to the Research Office for review. Approvals will not be issued by the Research Office without this form.


Fees are charged for new applications and amendments to approved studies for both ethics and governance review. Fees vary depending on the type of submission, and the study sponsor/funding type. A complete table of ethics and governance fees for submissions can be found here.

A Fee Policy has been implemented in order to provide sufficient funds to support the administration of research governance a​nd the NSLHD HREC.

Clinical trial fees are mandated by the NSW Ministry of Health, Policy Directive "HREC and Research Governance: Fee Policy for Review of Commercially Sponsored Research"

Fees for non-clinical trials have been set by the NSLHD Chief Executive in consultation with the NSLHD Director of Clinical Governance, Chief Operating Officer - Research, and NSW Ministry of Health.​​​​