​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Research Office coordinates the following meetings:

  • ​NSLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

  • NSLHD Animal Ethics Committee (AEC)

  • RNSH Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Please note the submission deadlines for each meeting. Late applications will not be processed by the office, and will be held over for the next submission deadline. 

Both HARD COPY and ELECTRONIC COPY must be received by submission deadline.

2019 Meeting Dates




​2019 Full HREC

Please note you must notify the Research Office via email of your intention to submit a new NEAF application, no later than the week before the submission deadline.​

​2019 Full AEC

2019 IBC

2019 Executive HREC

​The HREC Executive Committee meets once a fortnight.

​2019 Executive AEC

The AEC Executive Committee meets on the same day as the full AEC. Submissions to the Executive Committee must be received by the Research Office no later than 12pm on the Monday preceding the meeting.​

​HREC Application
1 x Hard Copy & 1 x Electronic Copy​
AEC Application
8 x Hard Copy & 1 x Electronic Copy
IBC Application
1 x Hard Copy & 1 x Electronic Copy​​




Applications to all the above Committees must be submitted both in HARD COPY and ELECTRONICALLY. 

​Hard Copy

​Electronic Copy


Level 13 Kolling Building

Royal North Shore Hospital

St Leonards NSW 2065


Level 4 (ground) Kolling Building

Dial ext. 64590 and a member of staff will come and meet you​