​​​​​To engage our members with the wider scientific community, the RNSH SSC invites guest speakers from general topics of interest to present their research at the Scientific Forum.


Scientific Forums are held from 12 – 1 pm in the Kolling Auditorium, Level 5, Kolling Building – 6, Royal North Shore Hospital and are open to all staff at the RNSH campus. A light lunch is provided following the seminar.


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Scientific Forums 2019




Thursday 18 April 2019​Dr Lindsay Wu'Genome stability in ageing and reproduction. Praise be, ageing and fertility’
Thursday 11 July 2019​Dr Richard KempPsychology of eye witness memory
Thursday 17 October 2019​Dr Betty ChaarEuthanasia

Past Forums




​​Monday 14 May​Prof John (Charlie) Vernon​'A life underwater'
​Monday 3 September​A/Prof Tom Denson'What's in a face? The facial width-to-height ratio as a (somewhat biased) cue to aggression and dominance'
​Wednesday 21 November Prof Hala Zreiqat‘Ceramics; beyond the coffee mug’




Monday 8 May 2017Dr Alice Williamson​'The Open-source Malaria Project'
Monday 7 August 2017​James Ferguson​'Biohacking: The DIY biology revolution'
Monday 13 November 2017Dr Michael Bowen​'Unlocking the potential of the brain oxytocin system to treat substance use disorders'
Monday 14 November 2016​Ms Nadine Krayem​'Chemical Criminalistics, liquorice allsorts and caterpillars'
​Monday 8 August 2016​A/Prof Darren Curnoe​'Sole survivors: How humans came to dominate the planet'
​Monday 2 May 2016​Prof Luigi Palombi​Intellectual Property Lawyer​