All Travel and Study Fellowships administered by the RNSH SSC are proudly sponsored by Ramsay Health Care.​

Ramsay recognises that people – staff and doctors – are the most important asset. The Ramsay Way philosophy of "People caring for People".

For more information on Ramsay Health Care please refer to the website:


Ramsay Travel and Study Fellowships are open to all current financial members (click here to become a member) of the RNSH SSC including post-graduate students, research assistants, diagnostic staff, post-doctoral researchers and Heads of Laboratory for assistance in funding to attend conferences, workshops, short-term research (3-5 month) in an international laboratory and other appropriate professional development activities. 

Fellowships are awarded based on merit and are relative to opportunity. 


Applications for RNSH SSC international and domestic travel awards for Round 1 and 2 in 2018 have now closed. 

Applications for Round 3 in 2018 will open on 1st November and close on 30th November 2018. This round will be for funding for travel between 1st December 2018 - 31st March 2019.

​​​Ramsay Health Care Travel and Study Fellowships 2018 


​Congratulations to the following:



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Round 1 – WINNERS

​Congratulations to the following:

​Domestic ​​​


  • ​Dr Emily Colvin
  • Carina Blaker


​Study Fellowship​​​

  • ​​TBD


Applications​ for Travel and Study Fellowships are made by completion of the relevant application form and completion of all required documentation (e.g. letter of support and CV). The application forms and criteria are constantly updated to avoid ambiguity and ensure that the process is fair to all members.

​Download the latest Fellowship application forms and guidelines below:​​

Disclosure of all other travel funding applied for and/or awarded must be made to the RNSH SSC Executive Committee at the time of application, upon award or before reimbursement.

 RNSH SSC Fellowships are currently valued at up to:

 Travel FellowshipStudy ​Fellowship

​The RNSH SSC reserves the right to alter the award value, and does not award fellowships by default. Values published here may not be correct at the time of application, please consult the Application Form and Criteria provided above.


Past recipients (2001-2017)​

From 2001-2017, the RNSH SSC has awarded a total of 180 Fellowships to senior staff, early-career researchers and post-graduate students for attendance to local and international conferences, as well as supporting international study visits. ​In 2017 alone, 8 fellowships and 12 New Horizons prizes were awarded to a total value of over $20,000.​


​              Travel FellowshipsStudy FellowshipsAUS Workshops
John Mach
Marie Christine Morel-Kopp
Kristen Bubb
Philippa Dickison
Ying Shi​
Elisabeth Karsten
Katie Powell​
​Jin Sung Park​​NEW HORIZONS
Qinghua Cao (student)
Nunki Hassan (student)
Jin Suk (Lauren) Joo (student)
Edward Kim (student)
Yeon Jae Kim (student)
Grace Lim (student)
Chris Nahm (student)
Long Nguyen (student)
Gaayathri Ariyakumar (student)
Christine Yu (student)
Karin Aubrey (student)
Jiao Jiao Li (student)​
​Kate Sutherland
Margaret Smith 
Martyn Bullock
Claire Lawley
​Tanya Nippita
Cindy Chu
Rachel Choi
Nunki Hassan (student)
Kathleen Phillips (full)​
Yeon Jae Kim (student)
Hasanthi de Silva (full)​
2015Elizabeth Clarke
Emil​y Reeve 
Andrew Lee
Tiffany Scully
Kelly McKelvey
Sharon McCracken
​Carina Blaker
Lisa Kouladjian​
​Nick Blair
2014Katie Powell
Indhu Subramanian
Benjamin Chan
Viive Howell
Natasha Nassar
Giles Best
Kathleen Philips
Margaret Smith
Alexander Cole
2013Lisa Kouladjian
Tim Outhred
Stuart Gallagher
Anthony Ashton
Trish Dwight
Amina Khambalia
Miriam Jackson
Kate Sutherland
Alice Kane
2012Casina Khan
Amanda Hudson
Jenny 'Jin Sung' Park
Sue Firth
John Mach
Kate Sutherland
Kelly McKelvey
Paula Woodbridge
Vicky Hatzis
2011Natasha Nassar
Marie Christine Kopp
Loan Le
Anastasia Mihailidou
Dania Yaghobian
Sonia Saad
Kathy Willowson
Usha Panchapakesan
Martyn Bullock
Cindy 'Chia-Fan' Shu
Owen Tang
Sue Firth
Anthony Ashton
2010Emily Fuller
Sarah Mitchell
Varshini Ravi
Miriam Jackson
Anthony Ashton
Meilang Xue
Loan Le
Kate Sutherland
Sharon McCracken
Amy Russell
Vanessa Yenson
Danijela Gnjidic
2009Diana Benn
Danijela Gnijela
Ellein Mreich
Joanna Paterson
Vitomir Tasevski
Aiqun Xue
Jat 'Chai-chi' Liu
Deepak Abraham
Benjamin Chan
Lakshi Ganeshan
Sohel Julovi
Siska Samual
Cindy 'Chia-Fan' Shu
2008Hugh Morgan
Marei Christine Kopp
Meilang Xue
Sharon Leong
James Melrose
Arianna Kalous
Ananthila Anandacoomarasamy
Ashutosh Barai
Dan Burkhardt
Emily Fuller
Loan Le
Victoria Mitchell
Ellein Mreich
Dale Bailey
2007*Weier 'Gloraian' Qi*
Mark Connor*
Anthony Ashton
Ananthila Anandacoomarasamy
Margaret Smith
Ellein Mreich
Matthew Nangle
Kate Hadfield
Miriam Jackson*
Catherine Woolnough*
James Melrose
Kathy Willowson
Anthony Ashton
2006*Michael Hahn*
Helena Liang*
Beth Rycroft
Jenny Park
Hamish Ross
Xiolang Yan
Scott Stanners*
Lauren McCann*
Usha Panchapakesan
Vanessa Yenson
Veronica Stevens
2005Louise Roberts
Alireza Aslani
Dindy Benn
Liping Chung
Peter Stanwell
James Padley
Helena Liang
Nigel Pedersen
Sarah Campbell
Weier 'Glorain' Qi
2004Ross Hansen
Sinead Doran
Xing-Ming Chen
Yifie Huang
Chris Scarlett
Marie Christine KoppMichelle Moscova
2003Phillip Vial
Lorna Fernandes
Weier 'Glorian' Qi
Maryam Seyedabadi
Sue Firth
Margaret Smith
Yan Li
Meilang Xue
Xiaolang Yan
Malcolm King
Scott Stanners
2002**Janet Martin
Jason Lee
Lyn Schedlich
Melanie Murrell
Patric Delhanty**
Kristie Dickson
Anne Nelson
Alison Butt
Vashetharan Chandraka
Viive Howell
Domenica Mauro
Jason Lee
2001**Erwin Lee (Roche)
Anastasia Mihailidou**
Monica Mastroanni (Abbott)
Michiko Mirams (Roche)
Karen Thrift (Abbott)

*Fellowships sponsored by Pacific Laboratory Medical Services

**Fellowships sponsored by Dade Behring, Inc.