The NSLHD Strategic Plan 2017-2022 has now been launched!

This Plan outlines how we will meet the challenges ahead by embracing discovery and learning, building partnerships and engaging our community, to deliver excellent health and wellbeing.

To do this, five distinct themes have been identified to drive the strategic plan forward:

Prevention, early intervention and community development will improve health outcomes


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People have a good experience of care, which meets their health needs, in partnership with multiple care providers


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Decisions are made on the basis of best available information and a philosophy of continuous improvement


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Our structure and systems support the delivery of innovative and responsive services in partnership with other providers and our community


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​Our staff are confident, capable and committed to the support and delivery of good care every day


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Each of these strategic themes will be driven by clear plans and performance measures to ensure there is focus on the delivery of the objectives of the Strategic Plan, and the best health outcomes for our community.

By continuing to work together we can have great confidence that this Strategic Plan will deliver NSLHD's vision for the future to ensure we are 'Leaders in healthcare, partners in wellbeing'.




​Read the Strategic PlanSee the Strategic Map (plan on a page)