Community, carer and patient participation ensures meaningful engagement with our communities.


Northern Sydney Local Health District promotes and supports community involvement in decision-making about treatment, health service development and quality improvement.

At all stages of health service provision, community members have the opportunity to be involved in decision making. Participation is more than just consultation – it requires decision making, problem solving, service planning and service delivery to be shared with the community.

Community engagement:

  • promotes the exchange of information and sharing of stories
  • improves the quality and transparency of decisions
  • supports an inclusive approach to opinion formation about health issues
  • can reduce delays in implementing plans and policies
  • promotes accountability
  • increases the likelihood that health services will be relevant, and so uptake will be improved
  • spreads community understanding of how health services operate
  • increases community appreciation of constraints on the health system
  • increases staff and management appreciation of how services are perceived by the community
  • increases credibility when lobbying for additional funding
  • improves the community's and patient's sense of control over factors affecting their health
  • improves health outcomes.

 NSLHD Community and Consumer Participation

NSLHD has a Peak Community and Consumer Participation Council (PCCPC), as well as Community Participation Committees (CPCs) at each local Health Service.

There are short-term and one-off project groups, as well as committees, where a group of consumers work together with two or three staff to design service improvements.

Community forums are held on a needs basis based on either location or health issue. User surveys also help some services to get feedback on improvements to the service.

The Community Participation Unit (CPU), located within the Clinical Governance Directorate, is responsible for the promotion and coordination of community participation activities.

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