Community and consumer participation is at the core of quality health service.  When members of the public contribute to decisions and development in healthcare, it ensures that health services maximise benefits for the community, patients and carers.


In NSLHD, we aim to engage with people across the whole health system.  There are many ways for community members to have their say.


There are a number of committees where the majority of the members are community members. These committees provide advice and advocacy on a broad range of community concerns. The main committees in this category are:

These committees are designed to enable the community to have a voice. There are also a growing number of NSLHD committees that include a community advisor as part of the committee membership. Some of these committees include Quality & Safety, Clinical Governance, Nutrition and Medication Review. It is NSLHD policy to have community advisors present wherever relevant.

Quality improvement projects

NSLHD engages our community in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement projects across the District. Some examples of quality improvement projects include consumers reviewing our services, and consulting on the development of resources.