Having a baby is often an exciting and rewarding time for families; parents may experience a range of feelings from happiness and excitement to stress and worry. However, sometimes these negative feelings can change into perinatal anxiety and/or depression. These mental health symptoms can include feeling scared or panicky for no good reason, not coping as you would normally, feeling so unhappy that you have had difficulty sleeping and/or thoughts of harming yourself or your baby.

If you or your partner is experiencing any of these feelings it is very important to seek professional help from your local GP and/or Child and Family Health Nurse for ongoing support, treatment options and referrals.

Child and Family Health Nursing have a specialised service, the Extended Parenting Service, staffed by highly trained Child and Family Health Nurses and Psychologists / Social Workers, who can work in partnership with you to address your concerns with mental health and/or child behaviour issues.

 In cases of emergency call 000 or go to your local hospital's Accident and Emergency Department.

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