A free healthy lifestyle program for children to become healthier.


Phone: 1800 780 900
Online: www.go4fun.com.au

Coordinator: Elle Brown    Phone: (02) 9462 9571

Go4FunGo4Fun® is a free healthy lifestyle program supporting children to become fitter, healthier and happier.

The program is fun and interactive and supports 7-13 year old children and their families to adopt a long-lasting and healthy approach to living.

The program is currently being run in NSW including across Northern Sydney Local Health District.


Register Your Interest: 

Go4Fun courses in Northern Sydney are not available for bookings in Term 2, 2019.

Please email our coordinator and register your interest in attending one of the following locations in Term 3 (July-September): Call 1800 780 900  or visit www.go4fun.com.au

Dee Why ​4:30pm - 6:30pm  
No course in Term2 ​Dee Why PCYC,  
36-48 Kingsway, Dee Why                
Hornsby ​4:30pm - 6:30pm
No course in Term 2 ​Hornsby PCYC (Performing Arts Centre)
22 Waitara Ave, Waitara
​No course in Term 2

​Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
504 Victoria Rd, Ryde


About the Healthy Kidsprogram

Go4Fun is a healthy lifestyle program to improve health, fitness and self-esteem in children above their ideal weight.

The program involves:

  • weekly games and activities for children.
  • fun, interactive discussions to teach you easy and effective ways to improve children’s nutrition, physical activity and self-esteem.
  • practical demonstrations, games and tips about healthy foods, label reading and portion sizes.

Use the www.go4fun.com.au body mass index (BMI) calculator to find out if your child is at a healthy weight range.


How it works

  • There are 10 sessions, run once per week over one school term.
  • Sessions run after school, which are facilitated by qualified dietitians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, fitness leaders, community nurses and health promotion staff.
  • Each session includes theory for the parents and children together, physical activity for the children and a facilitated discussion for parents (while the children exercise).

The following elements are essential to Go4Fun:

  • family involvement
  • practical education in nutrition and diet
  • increasing physical activity
  • behaviour change.



Go4Fun is based on the MEND (Mind Exercise Nutrition Do it) program from the United Kingdom, which has been running for nine years.

Results have included:

  • a reduction in waist circumference and BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • an increase in fitness and self esteem
  • an improvement in the number of hours spent
  • physically active and in sedentary activity.



To book in for the next free Go4Fun program you can either:

  • phone 1800 780 900
  • register online at www.go4fun.com.au
  • contact the Go4Fun Coordinator on 9462 9571.


More information:

Contact the Go4Fun Coordinator or visit:

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