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Stop The Supply is a project targeting the 'secondary supply' of alcohol to people under 18 years of age, with an aim to reduce underage drinking.​


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 What is 'Secondary Supply' of Alcohol?  ​

Stop The Supply InfographicThe secondary supply of alcohol is when alcohol is purchased for, or provided to, minors.

Examples of the secondary supply of alcohol is when:

  • Adults supply alcohol at a party for under-aged party-goers
  • Over 18 young people purchase alcohol for their under-age friends
  • Alcohol is supplied to under-age sporting team mates as a form of celebration.

Secondary supply is the main way young people under 18 years obtain alcohol.

Almost 40% of under-age drinkers get alcohol from their parents and only 5% buy it themselves (Australian Drug Foundation, May 2012).

 The Law  

The Stop The Supply project attempts to help adults realise that giving or supplying alcohol to minors is against the law.

The NSW Liquor Act 2007 generally states that, unless you are the parent or guardian, you cannot give or sell alcohol to a minor or buy alcohol on behalf of a minor.

Supplying alcohol to a minor incurs an on the spot fine of $1,100, or a fine up to $11,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

For more information visit:
Alcohol and Young People, NSW Police Force


 Stop The Supply  

Stop The Supply was a campaign addressing the secondary supply of alcohol to minors across the Northern Sydney Local Health District area.

The campaign was initiated on the Northern Beaches in 2013 and then implemented in other areas in following years.

Northern Sydney Health Promotion was a key partner in the development, implementation and evaluation of the project, along with other key agencies such as Police, Councils, and drug and alcohol services.


Campaign Materials:

Campaign Poster 

You're a parent, not a mate - Poster (2.2mb)
You're the coach, not the team mate - Poster (1.6mb)
Here's Your Drink, It cost me $1,100 - Poster (1.3mb)
Stop The Supply Infographic



Between November 2013 and January 2014 a Campaign Recall Survey was undertaken on the Northern Beaches project implementation.  Over 220 people completed the survey and provided their feedback on the Stop the Supply Campaign.

After further implementation of the campaign in 2015-2016 across the Northern Beaches, Hornsby Ku-ring-gai, Ryde and Lower North Shore areas another survey was undertaken. Over 390 people completed the survey and gave their feedback.

Check out the results in the following reports:

Stop The Supply: Campaign Recall Report (Northern Beaches 2014)
Stop The Supply: Campaign Survey Report (Northern Sydney 2016)


Northern Beaches​


The Stop The Supply project was a Northern Beaches Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) campaign running on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

After surveying parents/carers living on the Northern Beaches about their attitudes and behaviours relating to secondary supply, the Stop The Supply campaign was campaign was developed. 

Bus Stop Advertising

Stop The Supply ran for three years on the Northern Beaches. The campaign used buses, bus shelters and liquor stores and advertising on the Coastal Watch website (and App) and Facebook posts were used to promote the secondary supply message and the legal ramifications of supplying alcohol to a minor.

Back of Bus Advertising



For more information about the Stop The Supply project on the Northern Beaches contact:

Northern Beaches Health Promotion Unit
Northern Sydney Local Health District
Ph: (02) 9976 9579

Visit: Stop The Supply


Lower North Shore, Ryde​ and Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai


Stop The Supply was extended to the Lower North Shore, Ryde and Hornsby Ku-ring-gai areas of Northern Sydney in the 2015-2016 period.

On the Lower North Shore a coalition of local organisations (e.g. Councils, Police, Liquor Accord) implemented the campaign, while in Ryde it was the Ryde Community Drug Action Team (CDAT). The Hornsby Community Drug Action Team is also behind the implementation of the campaign across Hornsby and Ku-ring-gai.

In all areas, Northern Sydney Health Promotion has taken a leading role.

Similar campaign materials (e.g. posters, bottle bags etc) have been adapted to represent the local community organisations involved in the campaign.

However, the Lower North Shore campaign has also made use of local transport hubs to get the messages out by advertising on trains.



Lower North Shore Health Promotion Unit
Northern Sydney Local Health District
Ph: (02) 9462 9567

Ryde Hornsby Health Promotion Unit
Northern Sydney Local Health District
Ph: (02) 8877 5321

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 Other Campaigns  

Health Promotion has worked on the secondary supply of alcohol to minors for many years through it's Supply Means Supply project.

It originated on the Central Coast of NSW, then moved to Northern Sydney in the Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai and Ryde areas. Supply Means Supply was also implemented on the Northern Beaches previously, however, the current campaign has been reinvigorated with new direction and a range of updated campaign materials.

Health Promotion continues to address secondary supply of alcohol in other areas of Northern Sydney through work with the local Community Drug Action Teams, Liquor Accords and promotion of the issue through other activities.

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