April Falls DayIt may be an amusing play on words but the state-wide April Falls Day (Wednesday 1st April) and April Falls Month are serious business.


Their purpose is to promote falls prevention for all patients and assist older people to stay fall-free in the community.

Staf Safe Communicate'Stay Safe - Communicate'

The key to safety is communication. Communicate safety risks every shift, every risk, every change, every time.

Fall patient safety risks include: cognition, delirium, mobility status, personal care/toileting, poor vision and environmental risks.

 Help keep patients safe and prevent falls by:

  • Identifying patients falls safety risks
  • Managing their risks appropriately
  • Involving patients, families and/or Carers
  • Communicating patient's fall safety risks to all staff involved in the patient's care. 

 Health staff can communicate patient fall safety risks at:

  • Safety Huddles
  • Clinical Handover
  • Intentional Rounding
  • Post Fall Huddles


April Falls Day® 2020 is an opportunity to promote fall prevention across hospitals, community setting or residential aged care facility.

Use the following resources to get the message out during April Falls Month activities.


2020 Posters:

Stay Safe Communicate - Community Based Staff
Stay Safe Communicate - Community
Stay Safe Communicate - Maternity
Stay Safe Communicate - Mental Health
Stay Safe Communicate - Paediatric
Stay Safe Communicate - Patients, Family & Carers
Stay Safe Communicate - Staff Overview
Stay Safe Communicate - Staff
Stay Safe Communicate - Call Don't Fall


General April Falls Posters

How to Fall Proof Yourself
Falls are preventable - We all have a role to play
Patients at risk - Falls risk screen
Preventing falls - tips for seniors
Carers: Your role is key
Carers: Your role is key (detailed)
Carers are important
Pets are a hazard - Dogs
Pets are a hazard - Cats
Don't go head over heels
Don't bite the dust
Dance like no-one is watching 
Set yourself up to stay independent at home


More Information 

NSW Clinical Excellence Commission - April Falls Day  

NSW Falls Prevention Program -Clinical Excellence Commission



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