Live Life Well @ School 

Live Life Well @ School is a long-term program that aims to get more students, more active, more often, as well as focusing on healthy eating habits.​


Newsletter Snippets

Use our newsletter snippets in your school newsletters for an easy way to provide information to families on healthy eating, physical activity and limiting screen time.

There are two options on how to use the snippets.

  1. Download the Word file that contains all the snippets. Then simple copy and paste ones you are after into your newsletter.
  2. Right click on the image of the snippet you are after, choose 'save picture as' and save the image file to your computer for inserting into your newsletter.
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 2018 Newsletter Snippets

Term 4, 2018 

You may use our school newsletter snippets in any order. However, for Term 4 we suggest the following schedule:

Week 2 - Plastic Free Healthy Lunchbox
Week 4 - Healthy School Celebrations
Week 6 - Make Your Move
Week 8 - Fruit, Vegetable and Water Break
Week 10 - Stay Safe Online
Extra - Active Travel
Extra - Healthy School Canteens

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Plastic Free Healthy Lunchbox (jpg)

Healthy School Celebrations (jpg)

Make Your Move (jpg)

Fruit, Vegetable & Water Break (jpg)

Stay Safe Online (jpg)

ActiveTravel (jpg)

Healthy School Canteens (jpg)


Term 3, 2018 

You may use our school newsletter snippets in any order. However, for Term 3 we suggest the following schedule:

Week 2 - Crunch  & Sip
Week 4 - Active Travel
Week 6 - Healthy Lunchboxes
Week 8 - Fruit & Veg Month
Week 10 - Healthy School Canteens
Extra - Reducing Screen Time
Extra - Fundamental Movement Skills

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Crunch & Sip (jpg)

Active Travel (jpg)

Healthy Lunchbox (jpg)

Fruit & Veg Month (jpg)

Healthy School Canteens (jpg)

Reducing Screen Time (jpg)

Fundamental Movement
Skills (jpg)