Sales 2 Minors

The aim the Sales 2 Minors activity is to reduce overall smoking rates by decreasing the number of under-18 year olds who commence regular smoking.


Sales 2 MinorsHealth Promotion supports the Northern Sydney Public Health Unit to do regular enforcement and compliance activity in accordance with the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008.

Volunteers aged 14-16 years old are used to attempt cigarette purchases under the watchful eye of health staff. Retailers found to sell cigarettes to our volunteers are sent a warning letter. However, repeat sales may result in prosecution.

Do you know someone aged between 14-16 years old, living in the Northern Sydney area who would like to volunteer their help for a day or two?

For more information on what's involved, contact:

Mark or Geoff
Public Health Unit
Ph.: 02 9477 9188.

Or email Mark:


Check their age before you sell!

Age Check CardTo help retailers determine the age of customers purchasing cigarettes, the Age Check Ready Reckoner Card has been developed.

The card can be placed in a handy location near shop registers to assist shop staff to check the age of younger customers.

Download a copy of the card:
Age Check Ready Card (English)
Age Check Ready Card (Chinese)
Age Check Ready Card (Korean) ​


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