Northern Sydney Health Promotion has a number of resources (e.g. brochures, CDs, DVDs) available for purchase through our Healthy Lifestyle service. The majority of resources relate to falls prevention.


Resource List:


Stretching Program

Brochures:  Free
Description:  The Stretching Program aims to prepare staff for physical duties as well as reduce the risk of workplace injuries through improving flexibility, posture and core strength.
The program commenced at Hornsby Hospital at the beginning of 2017 and has already seen great success. The program is currently being rolled out to other sites.

Taking only 5-10 minutes to complete a daily routine, it’s achievable to incorporate the stretches into the shift and is a great way to physically and mentally prepare staff to tackle the tasks ahead.

The Stretching Program Flyer, Daily Stretching Routine Guide and Stretch Leader guide have been produced pursuant to an enforceable undertaking between Northern Sydney Local Health District, ACN: 638 341 171 987 and SafeWork NSW, dated 28 June 2016.


Falls Prevention Resources

These resources are no longer available for purchase. However, some will be available for download in our Falls Prevention pages soon.

Choose The Right Shoes brochure

Choose The Right Shoes

Description: DL (3 panel) brochure with simple hints for choosing safe shoes to help prevent a fall, as well as tips on foot care and shoe shopping.

Prevent a Fall at Home magnet

Prevent a Fall at Home

Description: 11 top tips for making the home environment safer for older people to help prevent falls. Measurements: 10 x 20cm and the font size is kind to older eyes.

Preventing a Fall in Hospital brochure

Paediatric Preventing a Falls in Hospital

Description: DL (3 panel) brochure with simple hints for parents and family to help prevent kids falling while in hospital.

Preventing a Fall in Hospital (Patients) brochure

Preventing a Fall in Hospital (Patients)

Description: DL (3 panel) brochure with simple hints for patients and carers to help prevent falling while in hospital.

Don't Fall For it (at home) bookmark

Don't Fall For It (At Home)

Description: A handy bookmark with 7 key tips for enhancing the safety of an older person to prevent falls. Measurements: 5 x 18cm

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Basic Steps

Basic Steps resource

DVD, CD & Reference Guide
(CD is PC & Mac compatible)

Description: A physical activity and education resource for staff working with frail older adults in residential care who are at risk of falling.


  • Falls risk factors
  • Age related changes in mobility and balance
  • Exercise considerations for frail older adults
  • Safe and basic exercises to reduce falls risk


  • Orientation for new staff on physical activity and falls prevention
  • In-service on falls prevention
  • Design of safe and basic exercise programs to reduce falls risk
  • Refresher for staff involved in provision of physical activities and falls prevention programs

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Staying Active Staying Safe

Basic Exercises to Help prevent Falls

Staying Active Staying Safe resource
Description: These resources are for older people who find it hard to get involved in community based activities and could benefit from regular, simple and gentle physical activity. Exercises consist of chair assisted sitting and standing exercises designed to increase muscle strength, improve balance and decrease the risk of falling. The resources come with a booklet that helps guide people through the program and includes information on the risk factors of falls.
Audio (Tape & CD):
  • The 50 minute audio program is recommended for people who require a slower exercise program.
  • It can be split into two program levels of seated exercises and standing exercises if desired.

Video (VHS & DVD):

  • This 25 minute program is recommended for people who require a faster exercise program but still need the support of a chair.
  • It can be used as the next step after the audio routines.
  • The DVD includes the full program, but also has options to choose just the sitting or standing exercise routines if needed.

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