Poisons information line

(24 hours a day, 7 days a week) Phone 13 11 26​

Find a pharmacy

(Pharmacy locator and opening hours)
Use the Basic or advanced search to find services offered or languages spoken that you require.
Community chemist emergency after hours: phone 02 9467 7100

NPS Medicine Finder

Find reliable information on medicines: Includes the consumer medicine information (CMI) for most prescription and some non-prescription medicines.

Find the ‘active ingredient name’ or ‘generic name’ of my medicine

The Active ingredient name should remain constant even if you have different brands of generic medicines supplied from the community pharmacy.

Adverse Medicines Event Line - 1300 134 237

Sometimes medicines have unexpected and undesirable side effects. The Adverse Medicines Events (AME) Line provides consumers with an avenue for reporting and discussing adverse experiences with medicines.

Report Medicine and Adverse Drug Reactions to;  The Therapeutic Drug Administration (TGA)

Patients can report suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).   

MedsCheck Program

This is an in-pharmacy, consumer-centered Medicines Use Review Program. The service includes a review of a consumer's medicines, focusing on education and self-management and aims to:

  • Identify problems that the consumer may be experiencing with their medicines

  • Help the consumer learn more about their medicines including how medicines affect medical conditions

  • Improve the effective use of medicines by consumers

  • Educate consumers about how to best use and store their medicines

Preventing a Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) or blood clot during and after a hospital admission

Information for patients and their family: VTE prevention patient info flyer [CEC]

​Return unwanted medicines (RUM Project)

Return unwanted medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal. This project advocates for safe removal of medicines from the home. Do not flush your medicines down the toilet, throw them down the sink or place them in the garbage bin!

Approved medication abbreviations used by clinicians  


Leukaemia Patient Support Brochure                                 

A note from the author Single page print version Double page print version 

This amazing resorce has been developped by one of our RNS patients to help support others navigate this complex healthcare journey as simply as possible.