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The Team

 Mr Robin May, BA (Psychology & Anthropology), Master of Applied Psychology, Grad. Dip. Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching), AASCP (Member of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals). Mr May is a psychologist working for Northern Sydney Local Health District, Drug and Alcohol Services. He has extensive clinical experience in addiction medicine and entered the field in 1991 working as smoking cessation counsellor. Since then he has maintained his involvement in smoking cessation treatments and their advances. In 2007 he became Study Coordinator for the 'Smoking Cessation throUgh Personal Identification '(or 'SCUPI') project, which has now developed an internet-based platform.



Geoffrey Tofler is Professor of Preventative Cardiology at University of Sydney and a clinical cardiologist at Royal North Shore Hospital.  Before his current position, he was a cardiologist and researcher at Harvard Medical School, Boston.  He has a longstanding interest in disease prevention, and the importance of stopping smoking to lower cardiovascular risk.   He helped originate this award-winning and Australian-patented approach to smoking cessation. 




Professor Roger Bartrop is an academic psychiatrist, currently Professor of Mental Health, Blacktown-Mt Druitt Clinical School, University of Western Sydney, and Professor, Discipline of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School-Northern at Adventist Hospital Clinical School.

He trained in adult medicine, laboratory medicine and paediatrics, initially in Sydney and then had further training in London, before a career change to psychiatry. He has developed special programs caring for the psychological needs of people with all major groups of medical illnesses, as well as those suffering traumatic incidents.

He is especially keen to encourage preventative measures for healthy lifestyles amongst the general public.




 Ms Jill Dent, RN, BSc(Hons)  is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in Intensive Care and with a particular interest in cardiology and   cardio-thoracic post-operative management.. Since 2012, she has worked as a cardiac research nurse on the Smoking Cessation through Personalised Intervention (SCUPI) team as well as managing a portfolio of international randomised control trials within the Cardiology Research Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.



Dr Simon de Burgh is a staff specialist at the Royal North Shore Hospital, an addiction physician and epidemiologist with expertise in Smoking Cessation. He joined the hospital in 2001 after periods working in tropical public health, general practice research, and academia. His PhD awarded in 1991 was in alcohol epidemiology.





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