Nicalert™ is a test which measures the amount of nicotine in your body once it has been broken down by your liver. It is detected in your saliva when you smoke cigarettes or use nicotine replacement medications.
Research studies usually require this type of biological confirmation of smoking cessation in order to make the data more robust or believable. This is why we will ask you to take this test at session 3 and session 4 if you are not smoking and not taking nicotine replacement medications.
Please follow the instructions below ensuring that you have not eaten or drunk anything within 5 minutes of the saliva test.

1. Open the packet and remove the strip taking care to touch only the green end and place the strip on a non-absorbent surface.

 picture of strip being removed from its wrapper



2.Place the funnel inside the saliva tube and spit into the funnel so that it is filled to ⅓ of the container.

 Image of funnel and tubeImage of person spitting into funnel of saliva tube









Image of drops applied to strip 

3. Snap on the lid of the saliva container and then apply 8 drops to the white padded end of the strip. 

 Image of drops applied to strip




Image of strip and blue line disappearing

 4.Wait at least  30 minutes for the blue line to disappear at the top of the strip. The measurement can be read once the blue line has gone.






5.You will be asked to hold the strip up to the camera in your computer in order for it to be "screen shot" by us during your video conference with one of our team members. We will then determine and record your result.


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