Instructions for photographs

Step 1: Collect the following equipment

1.    A Digital camera/smart phone with a resolution capability of at least 8 megapixels.  Most recent digital cameras/smart phones have this capacity.

 2.    A dining chair

3.    An un-lit cigarette

4.    A rug or blanket


Step 2: Prepare the background

An uncluttered space is essential for taking the photographs. Everything that appears in the photo must be free of any clutter.
Please AVOID:
- Patterned backgrounds, the background must be plain, ideally taken inside against a wall
- Objects in the background, such as shelving, trees, people
- Objects hanging off the chair, such as hats, clothing or pillows
- Objects hanging off your body, such as excessive jewellery, hats or clothing that obstructs your face
If you have a camera with a tripod then this would be ideal for taking all photographs from the same height and position. If this is not possible, please do your best to ensure that the photographs are taken from the same position.


Step 3: Take photos

Please note: There are eight different photos in total; 5 photographs of you in different poses, one of your partner in a standing pose, one of the chair you used, and a photo of your loved ones (all explained below).

1. Seated in an upright position and looking directly to the camera, cigarette in upright position shown. Ensure you are not slumped. Please do not light the cigarette.



2. Seated in an upright position and looking directly to the camera, unlit cigarette in hands down position shown 



3. Seated in an upright position and head turned to your left, and looking in the same direction. Unlit cigarette held in hands down position.



4. Seated in an upright position and head turned to your left at the same angle, but look upwards. Hold unlit cigarette in hands down position shown.



5. Seated in a slumped position, facing front on to the camera. Place a blanket over your lap, across your waistline. NO cigarette in this photo.  




 6. A full-length photograph of your partner, looking directly at the camera, arms down.




7. Photograph of the chair you have been using, empty. Please photograph it from the same perspective and distance as all previous photos.




8. A photograph of your family or loved ones. This photo must include at least two people you love or care for. This can be an existing photo if that is more convenient. It is optional for yourself and/or your partner to be in this photo.


Please note: In this instance, the word family refers to any group of people who feel most close to you. It does not need to conform to the traditional family structure.


Step 4: Save & send photos

Save each of the photos as a jpeg and upload to or send via email to [email protected]

Please include your full name and email address for our reference.

The photographs will be used to create a personalised video for your viewing only and will not be shared with any other parties.


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