​Preventing Relapse, guidance and other resources

Preparation for quitting

Below are some other important guides and resources

Below are some useful videos for you to view 

Enroling in SCUPI

An overview of what you need to do to enrol in SCUPI, as well as information about how the program works


Introduction to Relapse Prevention

An introduction to a number of techniques, including NRT, you can use to prevent lapsing or relapsing to smoking


Not smoking around other smokers

Ways to effectively deal with smokers and avoid being with people when they smoke


Quitting smoking & your mood

Techniques for managing your mood while you’re quitting, because feeling down or anxious can be strong triggers for smoking


Stress or worry when quitting smoking

Ways to effectively manage stress and anxiety as triggers for smoking


How to stop routine smoking

Techniques for habitual or automatic smoking, such as with coffee, after a meal, or any other smoking attached to your routines

Worries about weight gain when quitting smoking

Information about weight gain when quitting, and effective ways to minimize this


How to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

How to use NRT to optimize your chances of staying stopped


Quitting smoking & drinking alcohol

Techniques to restricting alcohol consumption, because drinking alcohol and smoking can be strong triggers for each other.