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Healthy Lifestyle - Courses

 Ai Chi

(Medical Clearnace Required)

Ai Chi classes consist of Tai Chi style movements in warm water (See Warm Water Exercise).

 Active Exercise

This is for those wanting a more challenging workout than a Gentle Exercise class. Join us for a comprehensive workout to shape up, tone up and increase your fitness level. Look fit, feel revitalised and move with ease. Some level of fitness and coordination is required as these are not beginners’ classes.

 Aqua Exercise

​Held in community pools with an approximate water temperature of 27 or 28°C and faster pace than warm water exercise. alternate text 48

Gentle Pace is suitable for those with joint problems and for beginners. Medium Pace is a faster workout for fitter people in chest deep water that aims to maintain/improve fitness.

 Functional Strength & Balance

This class includes exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily. These exercises typically use the whole body ie: multiple muscles and your body’s weight to challenge resistance. The aim is to improve agility, muscle/ bone strength and balance. This class replaces all previous Strength Training classes. Due to COVID-19 restrictions no exercise equipment will be supplied by Healthy Lifestyle.

Participants can choose to bring their own exercise bands and small hand/ankle weights. No floor-based exercises will be included.

 Gentle Exercise

​Low impact exercise classes (no jumping) to improve cardiovascular, muscle tone and flexibility. Gentle Pace offers low complexity movements including some seated exercise. Easy Pace classes are for those new to exercise or getting back into it. Exercises are low intensity with minimal choreography.

 Men’s MoveMENt Fitness Class

Taught by a male instructor these circuit style classes challenge your fitness, strength and balance. A great way to meet new mates. Due to COVID-19 restrictions no exercise equipment will be supplied by Healthy Lifestyle.

Participants can choose to bring their own exercise bands and small hand/ankle weights.


​A mind-body class using mat exercises to focus on core abdominal/back muscles and posture. Not suitable for those with unstable conditions, bulging discs or osteoporosis. Must be able to get up/down from the floor with ease.

 Pulmonary & Heart Failure Maintenance Class

​Classes are safe for people with stable chronic lung conditions who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program and also suitable for people with stable NYHA Class II and III Heart Failure who have completed heart failure rehabilitation.

Exercise professionals who have been specially trained in guiding people with lung disease and heart failure run the classes.

These classes are suitable for those using supplemental oxygen and/or walking frames. Each exercise has seated options available.

All classes follow the guidelines set by The Australian Lung Foundation’s Lungs in Action training.

 Stretch and Tone

​A class particularly suited to those who would like to maintain flexibility and muscle tone. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

 Tai Chi

alternate text 50Tai Chi is a gentle revitalising way to exercise the body and relax the mind. Suitable for most fitness levels. Tai Chi Movements for Arthritis is designed to reduce joint pain and stiffness and improve quality of life. Gentle Tai Chi is a modified form that is easy and enjoyable to learn.

 Tone & Balance

​Focus on improving muscle tone, strength and balance. Chair supported options provided. Attain better overall mobility and posture.

 Upright and Active

(Medical Clearance Required)

This is a falls prevention program for less active older adults who have problems with balance and stability. It is tailored to individual needs and includes chair and chair-assisted exercises. Aims to improve the ability to perform daily activities and reduced risk of a fall.

 Warm Water Exercise

​(Medical Clearance Required)

Light classes in a hydrotherapy pool with a water temperature of 30 - 32°C and helpful for arthritis, joint mobility or after joint replacement surgery. If you are new to exercise, you should begin with a Gentle Pace class first. Non-swimmers welcome. Ai Chi is of tai chi style movements in warm water.


alternate text 51Yoga is for everybody regardless of age or fitness level. Stretch, strengthen, energise, improve flexibility and experience wellbeing of body and mind through movement, breathing and relaxation.