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Munch & Move  

Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time.

The Munch & Move program has been running since 2008. Munch & Move Training is offered via Live Webinar Training.

Once training is completed you can use the Munch & Move Staff Development Kit to up skill educators at your service.


Munch & Move online training

Free Munch & Move training is available for educators from long day care, preschools, occasional care services and family day care providers.

Much & Move is a fun, play based program that aims to support young children's healthy eating and physical activity habits and has a strong alignment to the National Quality Framework.

Munch & Move eLearning training program

A new self-paced online training program is now available.

The training contains videos interactive activities and reflective practice questions. These will provide educators with the knowledge, skills and resources to embed healthy eating and physical activity into their service.

The training will also be supported by an interactive forum moderated by experienced trainers from the Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre (ECTARC). Educators can share their experience implementing Munch & Move and learn practical tips from other educators across NSW.

Once trained in Munch & Move your service will have access to its own Northern Sydney Local Health District Support Officer as well as practical resources to support the development and implementation of policies and practices promoting healthy eating and physical activity, and limiting small screen time in your service.


Information & registration:


Online resources

Once educators are trained in Munch & Move, they can access the Munch & Move Staff Development Kit and Resource Manual to help up skill educators at their service. To gain access to these resources, follow these steps:

Visit: Staff Development Kit and Resource Manual
Password:​​Oranges (if required)
​Register:​Register with Munch & Move to access the resources.

Staff development kit

The Munch & Move Staff Development Kit (SDK) is designed to up-skill all educators at your service about Munch & Move and help your service to have a whole-service approach to healthy eating and physical activity. Once completed this will mean all of your staff are Munch & Move Trained!

The SDK is intended to be used at a staff meeting to provide valuable information and an opportunity for staff to discuss activities currently happening at your service and any areas you would like to improve in order to achieve Munch & Move best practice.

It is recommended to put aside 2 hours to complete the SDK.

Once you have completed the Staff Development Kit at your service contact a Munch & Move team member to receive a Participation Certificate for all educators who attended.