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Child protection in the spotlight

At least 60 per cent of Australians have experienced one ore more types of maltreatment which can include physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect or exposure to domestic violence.

Those alarming rates were put into the spotlight recently during Child Protection week. This year’s theme was “where we start matters.”

NSLHD Chief Executive Adjunct Professor Anthony Schembri AM said: “prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect is a public health issue.”

Protecting children is all our business and each health care worker has an important role to play in helping children and young people live free from violence, abuse, and neglect.
NSLHD Chief Executive Adjunct Professor Anthony Schembri AM

Staff were able to attend a child protection week forum, organised by NSLHD’s Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect (PARVAN), to access newly created child protection resources, hear presentations on child sexual assault and hear about the latest Australian research on child maltreatment.

The key findings of The Australian Child Maltreatment Study have shown alarming rates of child abuse in Australia, including two in five Australians have experienced multi-type maltreatment (two or more types).

Children and young people who have experienced trauma often have complex health needs and regularly access the health system. 

This research highlights the important role health services play in responding to child protection concerns and supporting vulnerable children, young people and families. 

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