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Radiotherapy Masks and Moulds

Image of patient lying and receiving treatment with a Radiotherapy Mask / Mould on their face 


Depending on the area that you are having treated, some patients may need a radiation therapy mask or mould to be created during the planning appointment. Our Radiation Therapists are trained at creating customised treatment devices. These masks and moulds help keep you in the same position every day during treatment.


Radiation therapy masks are made of a 'thermoplastic' material and gets its shape from being heated up until it becomes stretchy. The radiation therapist will then place the mask over your face so that it moulds to fit your face. After the few minutes, the mask will become hard and can be removed.


 Image of Radiotherapy Masks and Moulds


The mask is mesh-like and covered in holes, it is customised to your shape. You will be able to see and breathe through the mask. The radiation therapists may make marks on the mask which are used to accurately line you up for treatment.



Your Radiation Oncologist will use the CT scan and the other scans you have brought in to outline the area to be treated. The radiation therapy team work together using a sophisticated computer system to design a treatment plan just for you.