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New Patients

Image of a patient at the front desk with an receptionist 


To see one of our radiation oncologists you will need a referral outlining your cancer diagnosis. This is usually through another specialist such as a surgeon or medical oncologist. Once we have your referral, we will contact you with an appointment date and time.


You will then receive a link to complete our new patient survey, this will be either as a text message or through email. You will need to ensure you complete this survey before your first appointment so the doctor has all of you medical history. If you are having issues with the survey, please call (02) 9463 1337 or (02) 9463 1311.


Please arrive about 15 min before your appointment so your details can be checked. You will need to bring the following along with you:

  1. Referral
  2. Imaging results: X-ray, CT, MRI, PET, US or Bone Scan
  3. Blood and histopathology results
  4. Medicare Card: our appointments are bulk billed


A smiling male and female cloincian standing on either side of an smiling patient 


Your first appointment should go for around half an hour, where your medical history will be discussed and you may be physically examined. The radiation oncologist will then discuss your radiotherapy treatment course and potential side effects. One of our dedicated registrars will also attend your appointment as they will play a significant role in your treatment.


You will be notified of any preparations you need to make before your daily treatment appointments. If you are eligible for any clinical trials, you will receive information about taking part in the trial. Finally, the radiation oncologist will complete any relevant paperwork regarding your treatment and you will be advised about your next appointment.