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Simulation planning scan

Before your treatment can begin, you may need to attend a planning appointment.

During this appointment, a team of Radiation Therapists will determine the best position for your treatment. You will be in this same position throughout your course of treatment. Special equipment that helps keep you in this same position every day will be used. A CT (computed tomography) scan will be taken while you are laying in this position.


A feamle clinician postioning a female patient on a CT scan bed 


Some patients may be required to hold their breath for this scan. Our therapists will guide you through this process, if it is required.

Most patients will need some small tattoo dots placed on their skin to help accurately target the treatment area. At the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre (NSCC) we can also offer 'invisible' UV tattoos - ask your Radiation Oncologist for more information.

The Radiation Therapists will take your photo for identification purposes, give you a tour of the department and an appointment schedule for your upcoming treatments. These treatment appointments generally remain at the same time every day however changes may be made due to unforeseen circumstances. Staff will give you an updated schedule when you begin treatment.

During this appointment you will have the opportunity to meet our specialised Radiation Oncology Nurses.

If you have any recent scans (CT, MRI, PET, etc.) please bring these with you to this appointment, preferably on a disc.

Please allow yourself at least one hour for this planning appointment.


A female clinician seated at her desk and looking at radiothraphy images on the monitors in front of her 


Image of a few clinicians working at their desk looking at radiotherpahy images on the monitors while another female clincian is walking across with a file in her han