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Allied health professionals

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A team of allied health professionals are here to support your treatment journey. Depending on your treatment site, you may be referred to one of these professionals. If you require a referral to an allied health professional, feel free to speak to one of our Patient Care Radiation Therapists (PCRT) or Nurses.

Dieticians can give appropriate dietary advice during treatment to manage and optimise nutrition throughout your treatment and recovery. Patients receiving treatment to the head and neck or upper chest area sometimes encounter side-effects that will influence their usual diet and will often be referred to a dietician to support the maintenance of their nutritional status.

A speech pathologist specialises in advice for patients who may experience oral, speech and swallowing dysfunction from their cancer or during their treatment.

Social workers can provide counselling, assist in organising transport, provide information on financial services and connect you to community services and support groups.

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer can have a significant impact on individuals and also their partners, carers and families. Many people find it helpful to talk to a clinical psychologist. Our nursing staff are able to help if you think you might be interested in these services.

Feel free to ask our PCLTs or nurses for information on referrals for other services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and lymphoedema management.