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Animal ethics


The NSLHD Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) considers the ethical acceptability of all research protocols involving animals conducted under the jurisdiction of Northern Sydney Local Health District.


The AEC operates in accordance with the:


If you intend to conduct research at the Kearns Facility, Kolling Institute, your new submission or amendment MUST be discussed with the Animal House Manager at least two weeks prior to the meeting closing dates (per the submission deadlines).

Click here for AEC submission deadlines and meeting dates.


Standard Forms for AEC Submissions:


Please note the use of these forms is mandatory for all submissions to the Committee.


Chevron Word icon AEC New Research Application Form

Chevron Word icon External Users Application Form (this must be submitted with the application form for studies with investigators not employed by University of Sydney or NSLHD)

Chevron Word icon AEC Monitoring Sheet Sample (note that this MUST be tailored to your project and not simply copied over to your application form)

Chevron Word icon Application form for new teaching projects and Word icon Teaching Authority

Chevron Word icon AEC Teaching Course Participant Information Sheet

Chevron Word icon AEC Teaching Enrolled Course Participant Register

Chevron Word icon AEC Application form for production of antibodies

Chevron Word icon AEC Amendment to Approved Study Form

Chevron Word icon AEC Change of Personnel Form

Chevron Word icon AEC Animal Projects Annual progress report (or final report) form

Chevron Word icon AEC Adverse or Unexpected Event Report form

Chevron Word icon AEC Drug Administration Monitoring Sheet


Information regarding Standard Operating Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), developed by the Kearns Facility and endorsed by the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC), are available. Researchers undertaking work in the Kearns Facility may simply refer to the SOPs in their applications to the AEC, rather than describing standard procedures in detail. It is hoped that this will increase consistency in applications, reduce queries, and make it easier for researchers to complete their submissions to the AEC.

If Kearns Facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are being used for any procedures undertaken as part of an animal project it is sufficient to state this in the application for, for example:

"IP injections will be carried out as per Kearns Facility SOP #4, CO2 euthanasia will be conducted as per Kearns Facility SOP #2"

Where there is ANY deviation from the SOPs for any standard procedures, this must be clearly described in the application form, and the rationale for not adhering to the SOP must be provided.

The SOPs are available on request from the Kearns Facility.


Guidance for submitting your application - Ethical Principles for Animal Research


Chevron Australian Code of Practice - Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes - 8th edition 2013 External Link

Chevron All current NHMRC publications regarding Animal Ethics External Link are available on the NHMRC website, as well as links to rescinded publications

Chevron Animal Ethics Infolink External Linkis a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Animal Research Review Panel. It contains a wealth of information relating to animal ethics, as well as links to all relevant legislation and NSW guidelines

Chevron PDF icon ACLAM Statement on Rodent Euthanasia

Chevron Word icon Glossary of Scientific Terms

Chevron PDF icon Guidelines - Anaesthesia & Analgesia in Pigs

Chevron PDF icon Guidelines - Anaesthesia & Analgesia in Sheep


Please contact the Research Office, if you require further information regarding a submission to the AEC.