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COVID-19 Research


The NSLHD COVID-19 Clinical Research Group, chaired by infectious disease specialist Dr Bernie Hudson, includes members from a number of disciplines that have come together to coordinate approaches to COVID-19 clinical research. Co-Chaired by Associate Professor Rory Clifton-Bligh, the rapid evolution of COVID-19 crisis led to innovative approaches to conceiving and conducting clinical trials for COVID patients and healthcare workers.

NSLHD is participating in or leading 41 COVID-19 studies (as of Nov 2020) across six broad areas of focus:

  • Emerging treatments for COVID-19
  • Prevention (chemoprophylaxis) of COVID-19 in high risk groups (including health care workers)
  • Biomarker research for diagnosis and prognosis (including biobanking)
  • Epidemiology of disease outbreaks in NSLHD
  • Health services data collection and research
  • The impact on non-COVID-19 related activities (both in health care and in research)