The below parenting courses/workshops/seminars can be arranged at your centre/school. Phone 02 8877 5376.


Parenting courses:

Circle of Security

Eight weeks (2 hours per session)

Content: Help you develop a positive relationship with your child by understanding their needs and behaviours.

Age group: 0 - 5 years

Tuning in to Kids

Five weeks (2.5 hours per session) 

Content: Help your child develop emotional intelligence, learn how to talk with and understand your child, help them manage emotions, prevent behaviour problems and teach them to deal with conflict. 

Age group: 3-10 years

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Seven weeks (2.5 hours per session). 4 group sessions of 2.5 hours, then 2 telephone consultations over 3 weeks and a final group session in week 8.

Content: A behaviour management program for parents of young children. Clear strategies are presented on how to encourage desirable behaviour and manage persistent misbehaviour.

Age group: 3 - 10 years.

Tuning into Teens - available in English or Chinese 

Five weeks (2.5 hours per session) 

Content: Help your teenager develop emotional intelligence, learn skills to talk and understand your teenager, help them to manage their emotions, prevent behaviour problems and teach them to deal with conflict.

Age group: 11-18 years

Parenting Workshops/Seminars

These workshops/seminars are organised through schools, centres and councils.

Toddler Workshops - 2.5 hours (offered as individual workshops or in a series of three)

  1. Understanding Your Toddler/Discipline and Tantrums
  2. Tucker Without Tantrums/Toilet Training
  3. Speech and Language Development/Sleep

Older Sibling - New Baby Workshop - 2.5 hours 

Content: Understanding your older child's feelings, stage of development and reactions to the new baby, strategies to help juggle the requirements of two children and manage the older child's behaviour, accessing community services and networks.

Transition to School Workshop - 2.5 hours

Content: the emotional transition from home to school, effective communication and listening skills, how to say "no" assertively, problem solving skills and how parents can look after themselves.

Communicating with Kids/Teens Workshop - 2.5 hours

Content: Communication skills for building positive relationships, problem ownership, listening skills, assertiveness skills and problem solving skills.

Transition to High School Workshop - 2.5 hours

Content: Learn practical tips to make the transition smoother, understand the changes ahead, build self-esteem, use communication skills, and how parents can look after themselves.

Dealing With Teen's Backchat Workshop - 2.5 hours 

Content: Are you struggling with a teenager who answers back all the time? Learn how to restore a respectful and positive relationship between you and your teenager, understand what it is like being a teenager today, learn how to talk so that they will listen and how to listen so that they will talk to you.

Resilient Kids/Teens Workshop - 2.5 hours 

Content: Helping your child recognise, accept and express feelings, developing optimistic thinking, coping skills and problem solving, dealing with negative emotions and stressful events.

Grand Parenting Workshop - 2.5 hours 

Content: Role of grandparents in today's world, the challenges and joys of being a grandparent, supporting children/grandchildren through active listening, assertiveness and problem solving and discussion around real life scenarios.

Helping Your 3-6 Year Old Child with Anxiety - 2 x 2.5 hour workshops

Content: Helping you to understand anxiety, ways to overcome it, traps to avoid and where to seek help. Attending two workshops allows you to try strategies and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

Triple P (PPP) Seminar Series - 2 hours per seminar

These power point seminars are designed for larger groups of parents and carers interested in learning about positive ways of promoting their children's and teenager's development. 

1-12 years: 
Seminar 1: Power of positive parenting 
Seminar 2: Raising confident, competent children 
Seminar 3: Raising resilient children 

Seminar 1: Raising responsible teenagers 
Seminar 2: Raising competent teenagers 
Seminar 3: Getting teenagers connected