​"This course has been quite a life changing experience for me, not to exaggerate too much, but I feel a lot more positive and in control…My husband has also adopted some of the techniques much to my delight."    


"Fantastic! – our house is much calmer."

"What a wonderful resource – professional, helpful and the leaders were outstanding."

"Excellent sharing experiences with other parents."

"I feel empowered and glad that the advice supported what I was already doing. I have modified my behaviour too, for the better."

 "My whole life has changed, especially my son who has mild cerebral palsy and he has changed all for the better."

 "It has helped me become a much calmer, more relaxed parent who is now able to enjoy her children a lot more."

 "I feel like I now have the tools to attack/approach most situations. I also feel more positive about my parenting."

 "I feel much calmer and focussed on my parenting. I have learnt some great tools to help ensure our home runs smoothly, children are happy and relaxed."

 "(I was) dragged along by my wife! But really enjoyed it!!"

 "Thank you so much. It is wonderful to have these workshops available. I will tell all our friends!"

 "Enjoyed the interaction with the other parents and the focus on the fact that the basis of positive behaviour is having a good relationship with your children. Makes sense!"

 "I'm now much more switched on as a dad. I'm thinking more about my actions and how they affect the kids."

 "A really informative workshop and very relaxed approach to 'teaching the parents'.

 "It has been great to realise that I am not alone. My kids are normal and it was great to have somewhere to go to help me work through my issues. I feel I have gained tools to help me become a better parent. Plus help my husband too."

 "Really fantastic, positive seminar. Empowered me to feel able to implement the strategies confidently."

 "Has made a huge difference in my relationship with my child. Thank you!"

 "Many thanks! I now have a clear plan on how to bring up a well-balanced, confident teenager, communication and their involvement is the key."