​Mould Room

You may be referred to our Mould Room at the time of planning, or during your treatment course. Our Mould Room technician is an expert at creating customised treatment devices. Some of these devices are made "behind the scenes", but some procedures will require your attendance.



Treatment in the area of the head and neck, brain, or upper spine may require a special customised mask. This mask enables accurate positioning of the head and neck. The mask is made of a 'thermoplastic' material, and gets its shape from being heated up until it becomes stretchy. The mask is mesh-like and covered in holes, it is customised to your shape.


Breast wax moulds

Some patients receiving treatment for breast cancer will have had their breast surgically removed and an implant or expander inserted. Breast moulds are created for these patients so that a wax "bolus" can be fashioned for their radiotherapy treatments. This wax will be made to conform to each patient's individual shape. "Bolus" allows the radiation to treat closer to the skin's surface.


Superficial and orthovoltage treatment accessories

Superficial and orthovoltage planning sessions are conducted in the Mould Room as this treatment type often requires many types of customised patient accessories. These accessories are used for shaping the treatment beam. Some examples of this may include customised lead masks or lead shielding.

This equipment is specific to superficial and orthovoltage radiation; external beam radiotherapy is delivered by a machine which has a shaping device within the linear accelerator head rather than on the patient. To learn more about the differences between treatment types, see Treatment Information.