External Beam Radiation Therapy

Before treatment can begin, you will need to attend a planning appointment with a team of Radiation Therapists. If you have any recent scans (CT, MRI, PET, etc.) please bring these with you to this appointment, preferably on a disc.


At this hour-long planning appointment, a team of Radiation Therapists will determine a suitable position for your treatment, which will be used for all of your treatments. Specialised immobilisation equipment will allow us to accurately place you in the same position every day. A CT (computed tomography) scan will be taken while you are laying in this position.

Most patients will also need some small tattoo dots placed on their skin to aid in accurately targeting the treatment area. At the NSCC we can also offer ‘invisible’ UV tattoos - ask your Radiation Oncologist for more information.

Your Radiation Oncologist will use the CT scan and the other scans you have brought in to define the area to be treated. The Radiation Therapy team work together using a sophisticated computer system to design an individualised treatment for you that targets the disease site and minimises dose to the surrounding organs.

The Radiation Therapists will give you an appointment check-in card, take your photo for identification purposes, give you a tour of the department and also an appointment schedule for your upcoming treatments. These treatment appointments generally remain at the same time every day however changes may be made due to unforeseen circumstances. Staff will give you an updated schedule when you begin treatment.​