Medical Physicists

Radiation Oncology Medical Physics is a specialist area in the science of cancer treatment using radiation. Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists develop, implement and monitor procedures which allow the safe delivery of radiation to patients undergoing radiotherapy.

Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists liaise with Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Therapists and other allied health professionals to drive, implement and maintain the sophisticated technologies used at NSCC.

Research and Education are important aspects of modern cancer care. At the NSCC, the Radiation Oncology Medical Physics team has a research focus to utilise modern imaging and radiation delivery techniques to improve the accuracy of patient treatment. This focus is aimed at providing safe delivery of the high doses of radiation required to provide optimum care for patients. 

The NSCC Radiation Oncology team is a world leader in utilising MLC tracking for the treatment of prostate cancer and lung cancer. The team members participate in a large number of clinical trials using state of the art technologies to treat patients, such as, SBRT, 4DCT, IGRT and VMAT. The team has research partnership locally with the Universities of Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle; internationally with Aarhus University Hospital, University of Michigan and Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital; and also a commercial collaboration with Varian Medical Systems.

The Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist uses scientific research and technical expertise to help improve the quality and safe delivery of radiation used for cancer treatment.



Chief of Medical Physics

Dr Jeremy Booth

Dr Jeremy Booth is the Chief of Medical Physics at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal North Shore Hospital. Dr Booth completed his doctoral study on methods to account for prostate motion in radiotherapy in 2002 and completed his clinical certification in 2005. Dr Booth has a rapidly rising research profile and has been invited to present on tumour tracking at five international conferences in 2014 alone. Dr Booth has attracted over $1.1M as a Chief Investigator and published 13 papers in the last five years.

Dr Booth has lectured within the Masters of Medical Physics program at The University of Sydney on Advanced Radiotherapy and Radiation Safety since 2004. He has supervised 15 MSc students and currently supervises two MSc and two PhD students all in MLC tracking.

Dr Booth has been invited to be on Federal and State (NSW Health) expert panels, NSW Treasury gateway assessor, has been a Director of ACPSEM and the ACPSEM Foundation (2007-2010). More recently in 2014, Dr Booth represented NSW Medical Physics on an expert panel for the Federal Government to Design of Radiotherapy Centres. In 2015 Dr Booth was awarded the ACPSEM Boyce Worthley Young Achievers Award. Dr Booth reviews for many prestigious journals in his field including International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, Radiotherapy and Oncology, Australasian Physical Sciences and Engineering in Medicine and Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology.