Radiation Oncologists‚Äč

Radiation Oncologists are medical specialists who care for patients with cancer, especially in regards to radiotherapy treatment. They also have expertise in the use of radiotherapy in non-malignant conditions. They have an important role in collaborating and communicating with other cancer specialists to deliver a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management.

Radiation Oncologists are trained to prescribe the most suitable course of radiotherapy for your case taking into account your individual clinical, biological and pathological factors. They combine both medical and technical expertise in the formulation and delivery of such a management plan. Medical Physicists and Radiation Therapists are integral members of your Radiation Oncology Team and work closely with your Radiation Oncologist to deliver an individualised and effective radiation course.

Your Radiation Oncologist will discuss with you the role and aims of radiotherapy in your cancer treatment, be it the goal of cure or the improvement of quality of life,  for example the alleviating of pain. They will advise you as to the appropriate radiation techniques to achieve this. They have an important role in communicating this aspect of your management plan to you and your family or support network as well as to the other oncologists involved in your care. Your Radiation Oncologist will detail the logistics of treatment as well as the potential side-effects and how these will be managed. They provide for your medical care throughout your radiation course and you will see them or their medical team weekly or fortnightly. Your Radiation Oncologist will support and follow your recovery in subsequent follow-up appointments after your treatment is finished, co-ordinating with your other specialists.

All of our Radiation Oncologists are involved in teaching medical students as well as on-the-job training of advanced trainees. The majority also take part in clinical research and you may be asked if you wish to participate.


Director of Radiation Oncology

Associate Professor Michael Back


Radiation Oncologists

Dr Jenny Donovan

Associate Professor Thomas Eade

Associate Professor George Hruby

Associate Professor Andrew Kneebone

Dr Gillian Lamoury

Dr Marita Morgia

Dr Mark Stevens