Our Radiation Oncology multidisciplinary team are actively involved in cancer research and look to improve patient outcomes through sophisticated radiotherapy. The translational research is a strength of the NSCC. Initiatives that were once a part of research projects conducted in our department have now been incorporated into standard care.

Our research ethos has always been patient centric focus on individualised treatment pathways. This is reflected in our publications and research themes. We have lead the national introduction of image fusion into treatment planning and image guidance into treatment delivery. We have a strong collaboration with medical oncology and surgical oncology at the NSCC, enabling us to continue to investigate personalised cancer treatment.

NSCC is a 3 linear accelerator department treating approximately 1000 patients per year. The NSCC introduced IMRT in 2003 while routine delivery of IMRT was still uncommon in Australia. Many of the developments from 2007-2012 at the NSCC were unique and ahead of routine clinical practice at other centres. IMRT techniques are now readily available, and daily image guidance is a standard of practice. We continue to make a conscious effort towards improving radiation therapy techniques for all patients.