Are you between 8-15 Years old?

Does someone in your family have a chronic Illness, disability, mental illness or substance abuse problem?

Who Cares?  We Do. 

Across Australia, over 380 000 children and young people help care for their relatives.

Stuart is nine years old and lives alone with his mum who suffers depression. Sometimes when his mum is depressed Stuart stays home from school to help take care of her. Last year he missed two months of school caring for his mum. Stuart worries about his mum a lot and just wants her to get better. 

Young carers are children and young people up to 25 years of age who help care in families where someone has an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or who has an alcohol or other drug problem.

The person they help care for might be a parent, sibling, grandparent or another relative, or maybe even a friend.

Young Carers may help out with cleaning, cooking, giving medicine, therapy or medical appointments, keeping the person safe or watching out to make sure that they 'feel okay'.

They are often the invisible carers in our community and can be especially vulnerable.

At Northern Sydney Carer Support, we are committed to promoting and supporting the needs of young people who care.

We can provide information, resources, and support in advocating and accessing services to help. Contact us on 02 9462 9488 or click on the relevant sections of our website for further information.

Information and Resources

Young Carers Australia

Young Carers Australia has great support and resources for kids under 12, teens 13-18, young adult carers 19-26, parents and professionals.

Want to talk? Call them on 1800 242 636.

Check out their monthly newsletter at YC e-News! 

Their free service provides:

  • Emotional support – The Young Carer Team are available to listen, offer support or chat. You can call us on 1800 242 636 (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday)
  • Information & Referrals – Get linked in with practical supports that meet your needs e.g. respite, camps, activity days, tutoring and much more!
  • Counselling – Individual or group counselling is available face to face in your local area or over the phone.
  • An Interactive Young Carer Website – Check out our online community and wide range of on-line resources for young carers!

Hear for You!

Hear For You (HYF) is all about young deaf people inspiring deaf teens in Australia.  They run a range of programs and workshops that give teenagers the chance to connect, pick up new skills and strategies, find mentors and also have a good time (yes really… it will have fun, not just some lame kind of ‘organised’ fun!).

Hear for You has been set up to make the bumpy teenage ride a little smoother.

School stress, friend dramas, social media anxiety… when you’re a teenager, it’s all happening.  Add deafness to the mix, and you’re in the middle of a perfect storm. After all, communication is kind of critical (especially when you’re trying to come up with the perfect comeback in a convo that’s happening at the speed of light).

Curious? Good! Why not check them out here.





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