The APAC service is a "Hospital in the Home" service that provides intense, short term, interdisciplinary acute health care and management to patient's as direct substitution for in-patient hospital care.



The patient’s suitability for admission is assessed against a clear selection criterion, which includes:

  • Patients/ carer consents to referral
  • Patient is medically stable
  • Medical responsibility has been established
  • Patient lives within the Northern Sydney catchment area
  • Care is able to undertaken in a safe environment
  • Patient has access to a telephone.


Referral to the APAC service is via the Health Contact Centre on 1300 732 503.

Referrals are taken from General Practitioners, Specialists, ED, Wards, and Private Hospitals. With agreement with GPs, referrals are also taken from patients and residential aged care facilities.  

Urgent cases

All urgent referrals can be made via the Health Contact Centre on 1300 732 503.

Other information

The APAC service provides patients with a safe option of care to hospitalisation.

The APAC service is aligned with the Ministry of Health Goal 11: Keeping people healthy and out of hospital.

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Acute Post-Acute Care (APAC) Service
Douglas Building
Level 2, Reserve Road (RNSH)
St Leonards 2065​

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Clinical care:

Seven days a week

7am - 10.30pm 

Business hours:

Monday to Friday

8am - 4.30pm

02 9462 9460

After hours:

Via Royal North Shore Hospital switch 02 99267111