The Bone Marrow Biopsy Clinics role is to perform biopsies (a medical test that involves removal of tissue from within the bone marrow) in order to diagnose and stage haematological disorders and disease. The Clinic is performed as an outpatient service but bone marrow biopsies may also be performed on an inpatient basis when required e.g. ICU, Ward areas, in operating theatre etc.

The clinic is led by two experienced Registered Nurses. The Bone Marrow Biopsy procedure is performed by a Haematologist using local anaesthetic, supplementary pain relief can be administered if required.

No specific preparation is required for the test, and appointments are usually 30 minutes in duration.



Patients must have a medical referral to a Haematologist.


Patients must receive a medical referral usually a Consultant Haematologist. Appointments can be arranged by contacting the bone marrow clinic directly.

Urgent cases

Will be triaged by the Haematologist, and performed in the outpatient or inpatient setting.

Other Information

If any strong medication for pain relief is required, this might affect your ability to drive home from the procedure and you should organise someone to collect you.

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Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Level 1, Royal North Shore Hospital
Reserve Road,
St Leonards, NSW 2065

Finding Us: The Bone Marrow Biopsy Clinic is located in the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, which is on Level 1, Royal North Shore Hospital. When entering the hospitals main entrance via Reserve Road, take the Orange Lifts (or stairs) in the hospitals main foyer on Level 3, down two floors to Level 1 and follow the signs to the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre.

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Monday to Thursday
9am to 12pm for outpatient services

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02 99264395