Royal North Shore Hospital provides the following Cardiology clinics:

  • Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (referrals received from ED only, not for GP referral)
  • General Clinic (conducted by technicians under the supervision of JMOs, BPTs, ATs and a Cardiologist On Call)
  • Heart Failure Service (MACARF Program)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation (NSCEC)
  • Pacemaker Clinic and AICD Clinic
  • Echocardiography Clinic
  • Stress Testing
  • Tilt Table Clinic
  • 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring (AMBP)


A valid GP or Specialist referral is required for all services provided – please visit your GP for an assessment if you feel a referral may be required. If you are a GP or Specialist wishing to make a referral, please use the below contacts.

Urgent cases

If you are a GP or Specialist and feel your patient may require an urgent referral, please phone the RNSH switchboard on 02 9926 7111 and ask for the on call or ask the patient to present to our Emergency Department. Conditions requiring urgent referral include:

  • Acute chest pain
  • Acute coronary syndrome
  • Acute heart failure
  • Acute MI
  • Endocarditis
  • Malignant hypertension
  • Shock from AICD
  • Supraventricular tachycardia
  • Suspected pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection
  • Symptomatic arrhythmia
  • Syncope/presyncope (depending on history and circumstances)
  • Worsening chronic heart failure

Please phone the office on 94631706 for review and triage.

Mandatory referral information

All Cardiology referrals must include a consultant being referred to. If unsure, please address to Prof Gregory Nelson and Associates.

All referrals must include patients details, provisional diagnosis and reason for referral, finding/treatment to date, how this affects the patient, significant medical history, list of medications and relevant social information. Please indicate preferred language if an interpreter is required.

Please attach results of any investigations to the referral and ensure the patient brings hard copies to their appointment. This will help avoid unnecessary duplication of tests, additional appointments and delay.

Referrals with insufficient information will be returned to the GP until further information is provided to the clinic.

Indications for Referral

For referrer use only and is not intended for patients to self-diagnose. Any patients who feel they may require a referral must be assessed and referred by their GP if appropriate.

CriterionWhen to ReferRNSH Clinic
Cardiac ArrhythmiasNew atrial fibrillation/flutter without red flagsCardiologist*
Note: atrial fibrillation can be referred by ED doctors to the Rapid Access Clinic (not available for GP referral)
Chronic atrial fibrillation/flutter – consider referral if difficulties in rate control or anticoagulation or recurrent paroxysmal AFCardiologist*
Note: uncomplicated syncope can be referred by ED doctors to the Rapid Access Clinic (not available for GP referral)
Cardiac PainChronic chest painCardiologist*
Angina pectorisCardiologist*
PacemakerRequiring routine checks of pacemakerPacemaker Clinic
Cardiac DisordersChronic cardiac failureHeart Failure Service (see page 4)
Cardiac murmursCardiologist*

Hypertension. Refer if:

•HPT difficult to control

•Medication intolerance

•Changing pattern of HPT

•Decline in renal function on ACEIs

•Renal artery stenosis

Hypertension Clinic (Renal Department)
CriterionWhen to ReferMust be referred by a cardiologist?RNSH Clinic
Tests and ProceduresECGsNoGeneral Clinic
Echocardiography (does not provide a rapid service)NoCardiologist*
Exercise tests (does not provide a rapid service)NoGeneral Clinic
Cardiac catheterisation (coronary angiography)YesCardiologist*
Electrophysiological studies and pacingYesCardiologist*
Holter monitoring – for recurrent presyncope, unexplained syncope or palpitationsNoGeneral Clinic
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoringNoAMBP Clinic
Autonomic function, tilt table testingNoTilt Table Clinic
Cardiac MRIYesCardiologist*
Stress testing (does not provide a rapid service)NoStress Testing Clinic
Stress echoYesEchocardiography Clinic
Heart failure echoYesEchocardiography Clinic

*Most RNSH Cardiologists have consulting rooms in either the Northern Specialist centre or in the North Shore Cardiac Centre, located in North Shore Private Hospital. Patients should be referred there directly and can be bulk billed if requested. Refer to page 6 for contact details.

The RNSH Cardiology Clinic is unable to provide a service for the following:

  • Aged <16 years
  • Cardiac Transplant

Heart Failure Service and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

All sites in Northern Sydney Local Health District provide these programs – please refer to the patient's local hospital. Both programs are available for GP and Cardiologist referral.

Heart Failure Service

The Heart Failure Service is a free home-based education service that promotes healthy lifestyles and improves quality of life in patients with diagnosed heart failure. Home visits are provided by a heart failure nurse following discharge from hospital. The heart failure nurse will communicate with the GP and cardiologist regarding assessment or changes in the management plan. They will also remain in contact with the patient by phone.

Who to refer: Anyone with exacerbation of heart failure within the past 30 days (does not have to been recently admitted or discharged from hospital).

Exclusions: This program is not appropriate for nursing home or palliative care patients.

Contact details:
Hornsby Hospital: Ph: (02) 9477 9850, Fax: (02) 9477 9013
Mona Vale Community Centre: Ph: (02) 9998 6181, Fax: (02) 9999 6532
RNSH: Ph: (02) 9463 1702, Fax: (02) 9463 1028
Ryde Hospital: Ph: (02) 9858 7596, Fax: (02) 9858 7707. Ryde Hospital also offers an outpatient heart failure exercise program.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a multidisciplinary program including assessment, education and exercise. A variety of options are available for patients to choose from in regards to number of exercise sessions and frequency of education sessions.

Who to refer: Anyone with a diagnosed heart condition or is at high risk for heart disease.

Exclusions: This program is not appropriate for people with severe dementia or terminal illness.

Out of Area Referral

The RNSH Cardiology clinic provides services to patients living within the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Exceptions to this are outlined below.

Resident of Northern Sydney Local Health District Catchment ​Yes - referral accepted at RNSH
Referral from other specialist, for specialist opinion​Yes - referral accepted at RNSH
Resident of other Local Health District that DOES NOT provide the clinical service e.g. rural, outer metro​Yes, but service or problem needs to be documented on referral
Continuing care of existing condition we already manage​Yes, provided existing or related condition documented on referral
Demonstrated complexity requiring services of Royal North Shore Hospital​Yes but must be explicitly documented on referral
Compassionate circumstances (e.g. family proximity, staff)​Yes but must be explicitly documented on referral
Resident of other Local Health District that offers the service​Refer to your Local Health District

Check if the home address is within Northern Sydney Local Health District here: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/lhd/Pages/lhd-maps.aspx

RNSH consultant referral options

The following Cardiologists work at RNSH. They also have private clinics which usually have a significantly shorter waiting period. Patients seen in these clinics may be bulk-billed for services provided at the discretion of the cardiologist or at the request of the referring doctor or patient. Patients can be referred directly or from the RNSH clinics to the private rooms listed below. The General Clinic or the RNSH switch will refer to the Cardiologist of the Day.

Consultant Location of private roomsRNSH Clinic
Dr Edward BarinChatswood Ph: (02) 9411 3930General Cardiography
Prof Ravinay BhindiNorth Shore Cardiac Centre (St Leonards)**Interventional Cardiology
Dr Peter CaspariChatswood  Ph: (02) 9411 2649General Cardiography
Dr Kim May Karin ChiaNorthern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*EPS/Pacing
Dr Christopher ChoongNorth Shore Cardiac Centre (St Leonards)**Echocardiography
Prof Gemma FigtreeNorth Shore Cardiac Centre (St Leonards)**Interventional Cardiology
Dr Peter HansenNorthern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*Interventional Cardiology
Dr Kevin HellestrandHornsby Cardiac Diagnostic Unit (Hornsby) Ph: (02) 9482 1155EPS/Pacing
Dr Logan KanagaratnamNorthern Cardiology (Frenchs Forest) Ph: (02) 8011 0678,
Ryde Ph: (02) 9858 7944
Dr Rebecca KozorChatswood Ph: (02) 9411 2649Echocardiography
Dr Fred NasserRoselands Ph: (02) 9740 5911Echocardiography
Prof Gregory NelsonNorth Shore Cardiac Centre (St Leonards)**General and Interventional Cardiology
Prof Helge RasmussenNorthern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*Interventional Cardiology
​Dr Geoffrey Tofler​Northern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*​Heart Failure and Echocardiography
​Dr Michael Ward​Northern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*,

Northern Cardiology (Frenchs Forest) Ph: (02) 8011 0678

​Interventional Cardiology
​Dr Harvey Washington​Sydney Adventist Hospital (Wahroonga) Ph: (02) 9194 5000​General Cardiography
​Dr David Whalley​Northern Specialist Centre (St Leonards)*​EPS/Pacing

*Northern Specialist Centre is located  at Suite 9 Level 4, North Shore Private Hospital (St Leonards).  Phone: (02) 9463 1966
**North Shore Cardiac Centre is located at Suite 11 Level 3, North Shore Private Hospital (St Leonards). Phone: (02) 9460 8700.


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To refer
Urgent referrals:
Contact the RNSH Switchboard ((02) 9926 7111) and ask to page the on-call Cardiologist.

Routine referrals: Fax GP referral letter to (02) 9463 2050.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Services: GP to contact the patient's local site directly via phone or fax (details on page 4).

There is always a Cardiologist On Call for the day who can be contacted via the RNSH Switchboard ((02) 9926 7111).
Phone: (02) 9463 2500
Fax: (02) 9463 2050

Clinic Location:
Most RNSH Cardiologists have consulting rooms in either the Northern Specialist centre or in the North Shore Cardiac Centre, located in North Shore Private Hospital. Patients should be referred there directly and can be bulk billed if requested.

Postal Address:
Cardiology Office
Level 5, Acute Services Building
Royal North Shore Hospital
Reserve Rd
St Leonards 2065

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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring9.30am-1pm Monday-Friday
Cardiac Rehabilitation (NSCEC)8am-4pm Monday-Friday
Echocardiography8.30am-1.30pm Wednesday-Thursday
General Clinics9am-5pm Monday-Friday
Heart Failure  Clinic (MACARF)Wednesday afternoons (alternate weeks)
Pacemaker ClinicTuesdays and Fridays
Rapid access ClinicDaily from 8am, accepts referrals from emergency department only
Stress Testing1.15-2pm Mondays and Thursdays
Tilt Table Testing8.45-2.20pm Thursdays

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For referral and intake requests, contact the main office on 02 9463 1706.

Contact details:
Hornsby Hospital: Ph: (02) 9485 6582, Fax: (02) 9477 9013
Mona Vale Community Centre: Ph: (02) 9998 6180, Fax: (02) 9999 6532
RNSH: Ph: (02) 9463 1170, Fax: (02) 9463 1028 , Email: [email protected]
Ryde Hospital: Ph: (02) 9858 7764