EPAS is a dedicated outpatient service to assess, diagnose and manage woman with threatened or actual early pregnancy loss, less than 20 weeks pregnant. This unit is staffed by a nurse/midwife, sonographer and receptionist. An obstetric registrar, staff specialist and social worker are available immediately when required.



  • Women who have bleeding and/or discomfort under 20 weeks pregnant
  • Women with a non-viable pregnancy confirmed on ultrasound scan
  • Woman with gestational trophoblastic disease (molar pregnancy)
  • Women who require methotrexate treatment.


  • Women with other early pregnancy problems e.g. hyperemesis, diabetes, hyper/hypo-thyroid
  • Women who are greater than 20 weeks pregnant should be reviewed in the Birthing Unit
  • Any woman less than 20 weeks pregnant whose condition worsens (i.e. increased pain and/or bleeding) should be reviewed in an emergency department.

Referral and appointments

  • All woman must be assessed by their general practitioner (GP) prior to obtaining an appointment in EPAS
  • A named referral from your GP is necessary addressed to Dr Alastair Morris
  • Referral guidelines are located in the quick link for GP's
  • Please fax referral to (02) 9463 1005. Include copies of all relevant blood tests and ultrasound results.
  • Women should receive a call from EPAS within two business days from receipt of referral to discuss ongoing care and schedule the appointment.

Other information

Advice for women:

  • Bring your Medicare card
  • Please bring all previous blood and ultrasound results
  • Be prepared to stay up to three hours
  • If possible come with a partner, relative or friend and if possible do not bring children
  • You are likely to have a vaginal ultrasound. A full bladder is not required
  • Fasting prior to this appointment is not required
  • Should non-urgent surgery be a management choice, this is not likely to take place on the same day as your initial appointment
  • If your condition changes before you attend EPAS (i.e. increased pain and/or bleeding) please attend the Emergency Department as soon as possible.

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Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Helpline: 1800 88 24 36
You can ring the helpline any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.

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