Dietitians are university qualified specialists in the area of nutrition and its' role in health and disease. Nutrition is an important component of optimising patient recovery and managing for coping.  

Dietitians function as essential members of the healthcare team using evidence based practice guidelines to provide comprehensive nutrition care and education aimed towards the prevention of malnutrition, improving nutritional status and therapeutic management of many chronic diseases and conditions.

Dietitians are responsible for comprehensive nutritional assessment of patients, determining their nutrient needs, and management of specialised nutrition therapies including oral nutrition support, enteral and parenteral nutrition support. They also provide medical nutrition therapy for disease management including diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, kidney disease and dialysis, food and nutrition manipulation for chronic diseases and acute e.g. food allergy, coeliac disease, gastro surgery and nutritional counselling and education for discharge.

Dietitians are qualified to provide individualised advice on the nutritional status of a patient, and on food and nutrient manipulation to meet the patients' nutritional requirements.



This department operates outpatient nutrition clinics providing nutrition assessment and education for a range of clinical specialties. A referral letter from a doctor is required.  Appointments can be made by contacting the department on 02 94631666.

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