Occupational Therapists assess clients with either temporary or permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. They provide short – term therapy and organise and advise about equipment and modifications in the home to promote independence and safety at home, in the community and work environment.



Adults over 18 years of age who are patients in Mona Vale Hospital or living in the Local Government Areas of Manly, Warringah and Pittwater: 


Occupational Therapy main intake line: Call 02 99986100  or fax  02 9998 6012

  • Community Referrals: Eligible people over the age of 65, living in the community are referred through My Aged Care

  • Outpatient referrals: A medical or health professional referral is required for outpatient services. Please send referral to [email protected]

Urgent cases

All community referrals are triaged and responded to as appropriate.

Other Information

Out-patients and Community Occupational Therapy have a wait list – providing detailed information in the referral will assist in the triage process. Please notify the occupational therapist on triage if you require interpreting services.

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Level 1, Mona Vale Community Health Centre,

18 Coronation st Mona Vale 2103

Mona Vale Hospital - Allows authors to insert HTML snippets or scripts.  Mona Vale Hospital

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8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday

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Northern Beaches Occupational Therapy:  02 99986100

Inpatient Rehabilitation: 02 99980094