The Radiology Department at RNSH plays a pivotal role in patient care and management providing a continuous high standard of service to all wards, outpatients and outside referring clinicians. Modern radiology is synonymous with a multimodality department consisting of general radiology, CT scanning, Angiography, Ultrasound, MRI and mammography as well as providing a service to the operating theatres.

Similarly, Ryde Hospital Radiology provides a thorough diagnostic service for CT, Ultrasound and general radiology.



Some imaging modalities may have restrictions on patient habitus, if there is any concern, please call the department on the numbers listed to confirm.

Referral (for health professionals only)

RNS Radiology has limited resources to provide outpatient imaging services. For all outpatient examinations a signed, legible request MUST be completed for every examination. The request should include the doctor's pager or mobile number and provide adequate clinical details to allow the optimal imaging protocol to be performed.

Pink Forms: All privately referred (chargeable) out-patients (non-clinic patients including those from the Specialist Consulting Rooms at North Shore Private). Requests may also be made on outside doctor's letterhead and should be directed to any one of the staff radiologists BY NAME. This is required by NSW Health to permit these patients to be charged through Medicare but will not necessarily mean that a particular staff radiologist will perform the examination.

If it is requested that a specific staff radiologist perform the examination, please indicate this on the request eg: "Dr Brown to do". Every attempt will be made to comply with such requests or to ensure that the requested specialist or another radiologist with appropriate sub-specialty skills will perform the exam.

Requests for special procedures for example, biopsies and drainages require direct consultation with the radiologist involved. They will not be performed on receipt of the form or request letter alone.

Examinations will be completed as quickly as available resources allow. In cases of medical urgency, referrers should liaise directly with the relevant section of the department to expedite imaging of their patient.

Important hints to remember

  • Write referring doctors name and pager number legibly.
  • Exclude pregnancy in any female patient in the reproductive age range.
  • Provide renal function (if available).
  • Enquire whether patient has prior contrast allergy, myeloma, diabetes (on metformin) and document.
  • Alert us if the patient is MRSA/VRE positive.
  • Please address all RNSH requests to Dr Blome et al., and all Ryde Requests to Drs' Gunn, Perry, Steinberg, Solomons et al.

Urgent cases

Radiology provides a radiographer service at all times for plain film studies. If you are an outpatient and require urgent attendance after regular business hours, please attend the hospital via the Emergency Department.

In regards to providing out of hours specialty imaging services:

  • Studies should be held over until the next day unless medically urgent
  • Only registrars are permitted to call the on-call radiology registrar for advanced imaging, such requests may be referred back to the supervising consultant if Radiology has concerns about the nature and/or timing of such studies.
  • Recall of the theatre radiographer requires that a minimum of one hours notice be given to ensure attendance. Failure to do so may delay the start of a surgical procedure.

Radiology welcomes you to both RNSH and Ryde Hospitals, and is keen to assist you in the care of your patients.

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RNSH: Level 2, Acute Services Building, Royal North Shore Hospital,
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Finding us: Enter via the main entrance, and use the orange lifts to arrive on level 2 where you will find our main waiting area and reception.

Ryde Hospital: Denistone Road, Eastwood NSW 2122

Finding Us: Enter via the main entrance or Emergency Department (ED) entrance, turn right and we are at the end of the corridor adjacent to ED.

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Trauma services are provided 24/7.

Outpatient services are provided between 8am and 5pm only weekdays.

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RNSH: 02 9926 4400
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