Northern Beaches Speech Pathology Service provides assessment and treatment of adults with communication and/or swallowing difficulties who reside in the Manly, Warringah and Pittwater Local Government Areas.

The Speech Pathologists in the Adult Team assess and treat anyone over the age of 18 years old with difficulties communicating or swallowing secondary to neurological, physiological, structural and systemic illnesses.

We provide these services to:

  • Inpatients of Mona Vale Hospital
  • Outpatients in our clinics at Mona Vale Hospital.

Northern Beaches Speech Pathology service does not provide home visits (see link to Private Speech Pathologists below).

Communication Disorders

  • Aphasia (language impairment)
  • Dysarthria (speech disorder as a result of weakness or incoordination)
  • Apraxia of speech (speech disorder as a result of impaired motor planning)
  • Cognitive communication disorder (disorder in communication as a result of cognitive impairment)
  • Neurogenic dysfluency (verbal fluency changes as a result of acquired brain injury)
  • Dysphonia (change in the sound of voice through damage to the larynx or upper airway).

Speech pathologists provide assessment and therapy for communication disorders, and can prescribe augmentative or alternative communication strategies or aids if appropriate.

Swallowing Disorders

Speech pathologists assess and manage patients with oral and/or pharyngeal swallowing difficulties.

We will initially see a patient for a clinical/bedside evaluation which involves neuromuscular assessment and food and/or fluid trials. Referral for additional objective swallow assessment (e.g. Modified Barium Swallow) can only be made after a bedside assessment has been completed.

Management of swallow disorders may involve diet and/or fluid modification, safe swallow strategies and/or therapy to reduce the risk of aspiration (i.e. food/fluids entering the lungs).



Must reside in the Manly, Warringah or Pittwater Local Government Areas. Our service is free for patients with a valid Medicare Card.


We accept all referrals, including self-referrals.  Relevant medical reports may be requested from your GP / Specialist, however a medical referral is not required to access our service.

To make an adult outpatient referral please call our general enquiry and intake line on 9998 6199.

Urgent cases

NBHS Speech Pathology is not an emergency service. If you feel you require urgent attention, please present to your local hospital emergency department.

Other Information

In addition to the services described above the Speech Pathology Department provides a number of speciality services:

Modified Barium Swallow (Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study)

A Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) study is a moving x-ray ('videofluroscopy') of swallowing. It allows visualisation of oral and pharyngeal structures, examines physiology with different food/fluid types, bolus sizes and effects of compensatory strategies. A bedside swallow examination by a Speech Pathologist is required before an MBS can be performed. Currently, MBS studies are performed at Connect Radiology in Dee Why by NBHS Speech Pathologists and are offered to adult inpatients and outpatients of both Mona Vale Hospital.

Lee Silverman Voice Therapy

The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program (LSVT®) is an intensive voice and speech program for people with Parkinson's disease. The LSVT® incorporates high respiratory and phonatory effort to improve voice and speech function. Individuals who participate in LSVT® are first required to attend an ENT examination to make sure there are no contraindications to participating in therapy.

It is a condition of LSVT® that the clinician has completed the accredited training in this course. The Northern Beaches Speech Pathology Service has clinicians accredited in providing the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program. 


Speech Pathologists assess and manage swallowing and communication for people with tracheostomy, including provision of non-verbal communication aids as required. Speech Pathologists also work closely with the multidisciplinary team to provide advice on the weaning process.


The Adult Speech Pathology Department provides an outpatient service for stable non-acute total laryngectomees with or without a voice prosthesis. This service is intended to promote local access to voice prostheses and laryngectomy care. Patients requiring urgent care related to their stoma / fistula or immediate condition will be referred to Royal North Shore Hospital for management.

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Mona Vale Hospital: Speech Pathology Department, Assessment & Rehabilitation Unit, Mona Vale Hospital, Coronation Drive, Mona Vale 2103.

Finding Us: Your Speech Pathologist will provide instructions and a map if necessary to direct you to the Speech Pathology Service Location upon contact with our service.

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