The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Maternity Service provides care for approximately 1200 births per year.  We take pride in our service, providing a high standard of clinical care supporting families through pregnancy, birth and early stages of parenting.

Our experienced team is comprised of dedicated doctors and midwives who provide family-focused care in line with the Ministry of Health policies and directives.

The Maternity Services Team consists of:

  • Midwives and student midwives
  • Junior Medical Officers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultants and Staff Specialists, Paediatricians, Endocrine, Renal Physicians and anaesthetic teams.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital is a public teaching hospital affiliated with University of Technology Sydney & the University of Sydney.  We work with the universities to support the clinical training of new midwives and doctors.  Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Maternity Service provides level 4 services.  What this means if you develop significant obstetric problems such as premature labour before 34 weeks you are transferred to the larger tertiary hospitals.  This ensure you have the right level of obstetric care.

The clinical team is supported by a range of Allied Health Professionals such as Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services.

Pregnancy Care Options

At Hornsby Maternity we believe birth is a natural and unique event and we endeavour to support the individual birth choices you and your partner have made for your pregnancy.  We will assist you in obtaining evidence based information to inform your decisions.  The optimal outcome for all families is a well mother and baby and we will work in partnership with you to achieve this.  We provide many options for care in your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Midwives' Clinic at the hospital and in the community - for the majority of women their pregnancy is uncomplicated.  For these women their care is provided by midwives; Midwives are often allocated to the same clinic so there will be some consistency of care during  your pregnancy.  Midwives also run more complex clinics to help those with extra needs, when you book into the hospital you can enquire about those.  If there are any concerns or problems at any stage of your pregnancy, the midwives will consult with the obstetricians and you may need to have some or all of your visits with the doctors.

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) - this is a primary health, continuity of care model, that offers care to well low risk women.  The midwives providing care in MGP work together as a group, but you will be allocated a primary or "known" midwife.  The majority of your care is provided by your "known" midwife.  They will care for you throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and the beginning of parenthood, supported by the other midwives within the group.    To be eligible for group practice you need to live in the Hornsby Local Health District.  You need to enquire about this model at booking.

Student Midwife Clinic - this is a model of care where the student midwives provide the care during the pregnancy and are on call for your birth.  The students are fully supervised by experienced midwives and many families find this a rewarding model.

Obstetric and Medical Specialist Clinic - some women have more complex pregnancy needs. If you require medical input during your pregnancy, you will be seen in the Doctors Clinic.  A variety of doctors, supported by midwives, will provide care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

GP Shared Antenatal Care (GP SAC) - is a sharing pregnancy care between your GP and the antenatal clinic. Some GPs participate in GP shared antenatal care program and this may be your preferred option especially if you have no problems during your pregnancy. Most of you appointments will be with the GP but you have access to obstetric care if you develop any complications.

Private Obstetric Care - there are some consultant doctors who provide private obstetric care at HKH. Often your GP may know or you can ask when booking in. You will see the obstetricians in their private rooms during pregnancy and they will be notified when you present to the hospital. Most people choosing private health care have health fund membership.

Support Services at HKH include:

Preparation for Parenthood Classes - Parenting Education classes held by experienced midwives and physiotherapists.

Breastfeeding support and education during your pregnancy and after the baby is born.

What about the hospital itself?

As you can see most of the care during pregnancy is conducted in the antenatal clinics or in the community. You spend very little time as an inpatient in hospital.

This is a brief description of the inpatient service and postnatal care.

Birthing Unit

All women in labour are cared for by midwives in consultation with the medical team.  Women from 34 weeks gestation may birth in the unit. Should you go into labour or have complications prior to 34 weeks of pregnancy your care will be transferred to a tertiary unit. Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Maternity Service supports the Ministry of Health - 'Towards Normal Birth in NSW' policy directive. The use of water during labour is encouraged. The unit has 4 rooms with access to water for pain relief in labour and water births are supported if the pregnancy and labour are uncomplicated.

Post natal care

You can expect to stay 4-48 hours after a vaginal birth and up to 72 hours after a caesarean section; however the length of your postnatal stay will depend on the health of you and your baby.  If everything is well with you and your baby and you wish to return home, you may do so after 4-6 hours.  Care after this is provided by the midwifery support service in your home. This may be a combination of visits and telephone calls but you will have 24 hour contact numbers provided. You are connected with our service for 2 weeks after the baby is born and if any problems arise during that time you and your baby will be managed as a patient of HKH.

Special Care Nursery

We encourage rooming in and unless your baby is unwell she/ he will stay with you. Sometimes babies born before 24 weeks and born at a tertiary hospital return to 'grow up' closer to home.


A GP referral is required to book in for antenatal care.  Prior to seeing the GP, please ring our clerical staff on 9477 9254 at 8 weeks to arrange your booking appointment for 14 weeks.  They will post you an information package to take to your GP. Your GP will arrange initial pregnancy blood tests and early pregnancy ultrasounds (if required).

Tours of the Maternity Unit may be arranged through the Antenatal Clinic by ringing 9477 9254.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Gynaecology Service

A Gynaecology outpatient clinic is also run by the maternity service.  A GP referral is required to be faxed to the clinic on 9477 9824.

Please note referrals to the gynaecology clinic are reviewed by the O & G team regularly and appointments are allocated based on urgency.  Once a referral is received staff will contact you with an appointment time.


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