For babies and children play is important !

It is the natural way they "learn about the world"and learn how to:                                            


 Use their bodies



 Use their imagination


 Solve problems


 Express their feelings






 Get along with others



 Make sense of their surroundings







Come along to our interactive session on simple and effective ways to play with your young infant

 This group is run in conjunction with Playgroup NSW for infants between 5-9 months and their carers.

 Bookings essential



Pennant Hills Community Health Centre

​Group room, ground floor

5 Fisher Avenue

Pennant Hills

9485 7566

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Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30pm

February 27th

May 22nd

August 28th

October 23rd


St Ives Child and Family Health Centre

ST Ives Shopping Village

St Ives 2075

9485 7555

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 Wednesday 1.00 - 2.00pm

Jan 23rd

March 27th

May 22nd

July 24th

Sep 25th

Nov 27th

 For further information about Playgroup NSW click here: