In order for doctors to become a Community Prescriber for HBV treatment under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), GPs must meet several accreditation criteria and continuing Professional Development (CPD) in hepatitis B.

The hepatology unit at Royal North Shore Hospital provides remote hepatology consultation to support GPs in prescribing HBV treatment to their patients in the community without the patient having to be seen in the liver clinic.

The Remote Hepatology Consultation for HBV Treatment form is designed to support GPs new to initiating treatment for hepatitis B. The document is for HBV s100 Community Prescribers decide to start on antiviral treatment. Staff specialists at RNSH will review the document and initiation work-up to confirm that the decision to start treatment is appropriate at that time.

Download a request form for a Remote Hepatology Consultation for HBV Treatment here.


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