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Setting Up
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Set up a suitable space for your virtual appointment

To ensure that you and your clinician have a good appointment we recommend that you ensure you have:

  • A quiet space free of distractions is important. Be aware of loud noises and turn off the TV and other appliances that are noisy.
  • A space with good lighting. Make sure you don’t sit with your back to a window as the light can flood the camera and you won’t be seen.
  • Before you join your appointment you will be prompted to test your camera. You can use the self-view feature when you log into the platform. Take notice of what you can see and rearrange furniture if required.


Set up your device so it is stable and at eye level

You will have a better appointment if you don’t have to hold your device. Set it up so it is at eye level and captures a close up view rather than a distant view of you.


Connectivity and technology

Having a stable internet connection is the most important requirement to ensure you have a quality connection with your healthcare provider. You can conduct a speed test.

NSW Health providers will provide you with a link to connect to them. You do not need to purchase any software to participate. You may need to purchase a webcam or a speaker if the device you are using does not have this built in.

It is recommended that you arrange for a test prior to the appointment. If you have any issues you should contact your clinic on the number provided. You can also search here for your clinics phone number.


Be punctual

If you have already tested your connection you will only need to connect five minutes prior to your appointment time.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please call the service to cancel and reschedule your appointment.

Talk to your health service if you have any questions about your telehealth appointment.